Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market Forecasts Released by LSI

Life Science Intelligence (LSI) has been tracking and publishing market data on the global personal protective equipment (PPE) market for the last decade. LSI has just published a special report, Covid-19 Impact on Global Market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Gowns, Masks, Respirators to provide an independent and realistic forecast of the COVID-19 impact on key PPE segments.

The global market for respirator masks was estimated to be 5 billion units per year prior to the outbreak and is now expected to exceed 100 billion units in 2020; assuming the virus will be contained and the incidence of new infections subsides by end of 2020. The price of masks has been soaring and are selling at more than 10 times standard prices in many cases. China has been the main supplier of personal protection equipment, which further complicates the current market dynamics.

LSI’s special report focuses on the new demand for personal protective equipment created by the outbreak. The report provides:

  • a detailed five-year forecast including three potential market scenarios;
  • the demand-supply imbalance for masks, respirators, and gowns in severely affected countries
  • pricing dynamics;
  • scenario-based outbreak analysis and the impact on the demand for masks, respirators, and gowns; and
  • overview of the competitive landscape of the mask, respirator, and gowns market.

The report provides data and insights for manufacturers, supply chain, and financial companies looking to make an informed decision regarding manufacturing and distribution opportunities.

More about this report and other medical device & diagnostic markets impacted by COVID-19 and the corresponding financial crisis can be found here

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