Shanghai Sunwin's Tech Integrated 'Healthcare Bus' Solution Keeps the Public Safe

SHANGHAI, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite a reduction in new cases of the Coronavirus across China, Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation (SUNWIN) is not taking any chances. As of March 2020, Sunwin has begun rolling out the 'Healthcare Bus', a tech integrated and specially designed solution to reduce the risk of infection and make public transport safer.

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"With much of China returning to work, urban public transportation has seen a surge in passengers. This increase marks public transport as the 'new frontier' in the fight to contain the spread of the virus," said WeiFeng Kan Chief Engineer of Sunwin.

"With a focus on using innovative technical solutions to create social value, Sunwin is dedicated to upholding public safety. Through utilizing facial recognition, smart-temperature reading, UV lighting and an automatic gas detection system, we have launched the 'Healthcare Bus' solution to ensure passenger safety in a non-invasive way," he added.

The first upgrade passengers will notice is the AI-integrated facial recognition and infrared thermal imaging camera installed next to the ticket-checking machine. This multi-purpose screening system is used to alert the driver of any passenger with a fever boarding the bus, as well as automatically identifying whether they are wearing a face mask. As the screening process is completely automated and non-contact, it is not compromised during times of increased congestion during rush hours and does not slow down the normal operation of the bus network.

An additional safety upgrade is the use of UV lighting within the air ducts to sterilize and kill the virus effectively. UV lighting reaching 20mJ has been proven to destroy up to 99% of the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses smaller than 253.7nm, making them unable to replicate and therefore eliminating the source of infection. Combined with an upgraded air-filtration system, this allows the entire bus to be completely sterilized within 20 minutes. Through the regular use of UV lighting and improved air-filtration, Sunwin Healthcare Buses ensures that even in the rare case of an infected patron boarding, the risk of infection to other passengers is significantly reduced.

The final major safety upgrade is in the form of an automatic inflammable and explosive detection system. Placed beneath the front and rear doors, this smart detection system automatically alerts the driver and local police authorities about any potential combustible objects on board.

With the strategy of moving toward an automated, shared, and connected mobility future on an electrified platform, Sunwin aims to build a brighter urban life by placing the public health in a high priority while committed to the technological breakthroughs for the public transportation.

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Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation (SUNWIN), a leading public-transport provider, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC MOTOR focused on new energy vehicles with a total investment of $320 million. With its plant covering 140,000 square meters, Sunwin has reached the annual production capacity of 2,000 buses and 3,000 chassis based on fuel cell, full-electric, hybrid, and diesel propulsion.

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