UpContent and Zest Partner to Expand Customer's Growth Through Content Curation

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 70 million new articles written each month, and 27 million shared digitally each day (Brandwatch), marketers, influencers and thought leaders need help to cut through the noise and curate quality content.

Two companies, Zest and UpContent, each of which have developed leading solutions to address this challenge are partnering to make it even easier for their communities to source top content. Zest taps into the collective wisdom of its community to support marketers' professional development worldwide. UpContent empowers brands to build trust, deepen relationships and drive revenue by delivering content to internal and external audiences.

"Our customers value bringing only the 'best' content to their audiences. Removing the friction between our customers' article review efforts for personal versus organizational development facilitates an even more enjoyable experience within UpContent," said Scott Rogerson, CEO of UpContent about the partnership.

Starting today, a badge will identify Zest-approved content appearing on UpContent.

New filter and source selection features will enable UpContent customers to surface only Zest-approved content when searching for articles or to feed their Collections.

"Helping marketers filter out low-quality content has always been part of Zest's mission," said Idan Yalovich, Co-founder and CEO of Zest. "With this partnership, we can help individuals support the development of their organization and themselves while also rewarding those publishers who create great content with even greater reach."

About Zest

Zest's proprietary system maps professionals' goals to deliver high-quality content when and where they need it. Users can access definitions, case studies, industry benchmark reports, and other community-curated, Zest- approved content without switching apps. Zest empowers remote teams to share knowledge, improving their alignment and increasing their productivity by 20%. To get your content in front of professionals from around the world, create your account at Zest.is/contribute-content.

About UpContent

UpContent helps marketing and sales professionals build trust, deepen relationships, and drive revenue through strategically curated content. UpContent analyzes millions of articles monthly and lets marketers across industries tap into the collective expertise of their company's team to discover and share high-quality content with customers and prospects. For more information, or to request a personalized demo, visithttps://www.upcontent.com.

Yam Regev
Co-Founder, CMO

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