PestLock CEO Calls On The Pest Control Industry To Flatten The Curve Of COVID-19

VANCOUVER, Wash., March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The nations with lowest death rate and the fastest COVID-19 curve flattening tactics are all using large scale public application of eco-friendly, safe, effective virucides. "The United States government has not begun this process and we need to be in full swing decontaminating office buildings before people go back to work," said Scott Sneer, CEO of Vancouver, Washington-based company PestLock and former executive leader of national pest control companies.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics there are 77,000 Pest Control workers in the United States. Most of this workforce is licensed and trained to deliver large scale application of EPA approved virucides that can be applied to surfaces and left to dry providing maximum effectiveness against the disease with no negative effects for humans. This same work force is evenly distributed across the country and are already equipped with the scarce and high demand PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that would be necessary to mobilize the army of workers this pandemic will require.

"The science is already approved, the specialized equipment is already in the field, the licensed practitioners are already trained and living in each of your neighborhoods. All we have to do is activate them. The same tactics that are used in successful hospitals can be applied in your home and business by a trained professional. I have been working tirelessly meeting with the leaders of the largest pest control companies in the United States to ensure we are ready when our national government leaders call ... and they will call," said Sneer.

PestLock, operating in Washington and Oregon, is a regional pest control company serving local neighborhoods with a team of caring people providing their 21 years of experience serving the pest control needs of this community.

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