Medcea Unveils Unique Content-Delivery Platform Ahead of Schedule to Help Healthcare Providers, Patients and Families Connect More Effectively - Offers Free Provider Access for First Six Months to Assist During Global Health Crisis

ROYAL OAK, Mich., March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MedEd LLC recently announced the launch of its innovative new patient education and content-delivery platform, Medcea ( Medcea allows providers and patients to capitalize on healthcare discussions through accessibility and repetition of the conversation. With Medcea, providers can easily video-record key portions of their consultation with patients, before uploading video of those interactions to a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment that patients can access anytime, anywhere. Medcea also allows providers to incorporate educational modules and automated health reminders to further engage patients and improve compliance.

"Medcea was born out of my desire to help patients understand and remember the various issues that we discuss during hospital consults or office visits," said Medcea Co-Founder and CMO, Dr. Melissa Fischer, MD. "We know that the more patients understand about their conditions, the more likely they are to comply with healthcare plans. All too often, patients leave an office visit barely remembering just a fraction of what was actually discussed. Poor recall and limited understanding is unfortunately a common reality in modern medicine, a status quo that I could not accept. That is why I created Medcea. There are many barriers to effective communication: time constraints, computer charting, patient stress, and other challenges. No need to repeat - simply record."

Medcea: Record Healthcare Visits, Create Educational Modules and More

Medcea is predicated upon a basic but important concept that most doctors readily understand: repetition is key to advancing patient understanding. Medcea is the first platform to empower the healthcare community with the ability to video-record healthcare visit discussions in real-time for immediate patient access; create educational modules for home-view by patients and family as needed; and set up reminder-chains or protocol notifications to support ongoing patient adherence.

Medcea is a web-based subscription service. Providers create an account and can immediately refer patients to their provider page. Patients receive provider-supplied ID codes that allow them to pair with their providers. Once the provider-patient connection is established, the option to record visits is available. Patients can access their own private password and PIN-protected dashboard from the comfort of their homes or on a mobile device. Patients can watch recorded healthcare discussions as often as they choose for up to 60 days, view educational modules or receive healthcare reminder alerts.

In these unprecedented times, Medcea supports hospitals and healthcare workers everywhere dealing with emerging challenges in delivering quality care. Healthcare-visit videos and direct provider communication through personalized modules can strengthen the treatment provided by supporting patients and their extended care family. Medcea is offering the first six months free by entering discount code: Care180. To schedule a demo, please sign up HERE. And for more information on the platform itself, follow Medcea on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

About Medcea: "Improved Knowledge, Improved Care"

Founded in 2006, Medcea is a content-delivery platform that offers secure healthcare-visit video recording of patient-provider discussions to ensure improved patient understanding. Medcea also supports educational modules to augment compliance and improve outcomes. Medcea is effective, secure and HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Medcea was developed to foster quality healthcare delivery through patient-physician collaboration.

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