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DENVER, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To ease the burden of COVID-19, Fruition is offering free web hosting to any U.S. based company affected by the Coronavirus, and has committed 1/3 of the technology team's time to support government and healthcare organizations through website support.

If your business or organization has been impacted by COVID-19, Fruition is providing our enterprise level hosting platform at no charge for 180 days for Drupal and Wordpress sites. We know how important it is for your organization to operate at the highest levels and communicate updates with the public and want to help you continue to do so without worrying about additional costs or unnecessary technical issues. For existing Fruition hosting clients, we're offering extra support to ensure premium service during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This situation is fast-moving, and any updates, even at the local level, can result in tremendous traffic spikes as the public attempts to stay up to date. We can help ensure your organization's website is prepared for these demands. Fruition's web hosting platform comes with an on-call success team to help you anticipate and react to changes in real time.

In addition, Fruition is offering additional website management support to qualified government and healthcare organizations impacted by COVID-19. We're offering immediate assistance to ensure your website stays optimized, highly available, and secure to handle these traffic surges. Our service includes:

    --  CMS Software Updates
    --  Devops & Hosting Support
    --  Cybersecurity
    --  Graphic Design & Front-end Changes
    --  Bug Troubleshooting & Fixing
    --  Speed Testing & Improvements
    --  Landing Page Design & Development
    --  Plugin/Module Configuration
    --  Website Management Training

In times like these, we know how important it is for your website to perform at optimal levels. We've streamlined our onboarding process so our team can get started on your site quickly and help you make timely changes as the situation progresses.

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