Parcel Consulting Drops Extensive Guide to Help E-Tailers, Dropshippers & Third-Party Logistics Providers Increase Preparedness Amid a Global Pandemic

PHOENIX, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Parcel Consulting ( has just released an extensive Guide designed to help e-retailers, dropshippers, third-party logistics providers and other shipping industry insiders by offering in-depth clarity on how to best manage supply chains and ecommerce shipping during a pandemic.

"In the mid-2000s, I trained to become a USMC 5711 Marine Corps Defense Specialist (CBRN), before cross-training as MOS 6672 Aviation Supply Specialist. This gave me a foundational understanding of how the government and public might respond to a global pandemic, as well as the basics of working in a supply chain environment," explained Chris Cashin, CEO of Parcel Consulting, a company that helps get shippers the best rates and technology.

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The company's mission is simple: Help shippers save time and money by connecting them to the best available rates and shipping technologies. Parcel Consulting gives their clients access to decades of experience with shipping carriers and technology. They are able to provide substantial shipping cost reductions while improving accuracy and speed of delivery of their shipped goods.

"Our new guide is extensive," Cashin says, "and it has already been circulating around, via industry insiders, to help spread the word." The goal, he shares, "Is to help do our part to keep companies shipping, save them money on each shipment, improve their accuracy and on-time delivery ratios, and also to do our part to keep the U.S. supply chain moving."

Chris Cashin has also been accepted into Forbes Business Council. He will be delivering key insights in the weeks to come, via a regular Forbes Contributor column that will offer shippers even more ways to navigate this pandemic.

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Parcel Consulting has a simple mission to deliver the best parcel shipping rates and software for every business. We take a unique consultative approach to deliver solutions tailored to your business. With more than two decades of small parcel shipping and software/technology experience, we can help your business with all aspects of your shipping and logistics. The best part is Parcel Consultants works to find your business the best shipping rates and carrier strategy available at no cost to you. Our network includes most of the industry-leading software and technology providers as well. We pair the features and functions your business needs with the best available software.

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