10X Engineered Materials Blast Abrasives Receive CARB Certification

WABASH, Ind., April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The California Air Resource Board (CARB) has granted CARB Executive Order G-20-042 for permissible dry outdoor blasting to three advanced blast abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials. CARB is a government organization authorized to develop regulations and standards designed to protect the public from the harmful effects of air pollution caused by, but not limited to, abrasive blasting operations. This certification indicates that the 10X abrasives are approved for use in outdoor blasting operations within the state of California. The certifications apply to 10X grades 20/40, 20/70 and 40/70.

CARB certification is a major step in making high efficiency advanced blast media more widely available in the U.S., where mined blasting materials - such as garnet - are still widely used. Outside of California, a large number of other government agencies, businesses, regulatory bodies, and even the U.S. military take CARB certification into account when evaluating the safety of blasting material.

"We see this certification as an important step in our mission to help U.S. companies transition to domestically-produced high efficiency blast media," said Steve Edris, CEO of 10X Engineered Materials. "We spend a lot of time talking about performance benefits, but our products improve environmental health and safety as well. This will make it easier for companies to see the difference for themselves."

New safety regulations governing abrasive blasting operations have put a spotlight on the hazards associated with using conventional blast media. 10X blast abrasives do not contain beryllium, free-silica or leachable heavy metals. In a recent head-to-head test, conducted by Greener Blast, 10X was able to remove 2-part epoxy from a steel plate 35% faster than garnet 30/60.

10X expects to receive CARB certification for a fourth advanced abrasive product, 70/100, in the near future. To find out more about 10X or request a sample, visit 10Xem.com

About 10X Engineered Materials:
10X Engineered Materials is a technology-driven manufacturer producing a new class of sustainable, high-performance abrasives that address OSHA's free silica ruling in blasting. We have developed products that meet the critical industry need for fast, cost-effective abrasives free of silica and beryllium. They contain virtually zero leachable heavy metals and ultra-low chlorides. 10X abrasives are fast-acting on tough coatings and leave an excellent profile with a white metal finish and virtually no embedment. Beyond performance, all 10X products are sustainably sourced and manufactured entirely in the USA. For more information visit 10Xem.com or contact Sales@10xem.com

SOURCE 10X Engineered Materials