PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC Releases Validation Report Regarding Decontamination of N95 Respirator Masks via the Portable Dopke Decon System and Chlorine Dioxide Gas

BENSENVILLE, Ill., April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC. releases the validation report for the decontamination of respirator facemasks and other PPE. Chlorine dioxide gas (generated from PureLine's PureVista) and the Dopke Decon System achieves 6-log reduction of bio-indicators during a 75-minute cycle, reducing more bio-indicators than disinfectants. The Dopke Decon System is portable (2 cubic ft. interior) and capable of decontaminating 75 N95 masks per cycle. Chlorine dioxide is a true gas and therefore, evenly distributes itself within a confined space and passes through filter media pores. Decontamination with a true gas is superior to technologies using mist, fogging or light wave delivery of the decontaminants. Chlorine dioxide was used to successfully decontaminate the Washington, D.C. Hart Senate offices, other buildings, and mail, after becoming contaminated with anthrax in 2001.

About PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC

PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC was formed in 1993 and remains privately held. The company focuses on manufacturing equipment and chemicals for the generation of ClO(2) (chlorine dioxide). PureLine also operates as a service company, deploying its decontamination products domestically and internationally. PureLine products can be found in several industries worldwide to include:

    --  Healthcare/medical
    --  Pulp and paper
    --  Food and beverage
    --  Municipal water treatment (potable and wastewater)
    --  Oil and Gas
    --  Ethanol production
    --  Poultry growing and processing
    --  Dairy processing
    --  Other industrial applications where chill loops or cooling towers exist

PureLine's products include chlorine dioxide generators, liquid ClO(2) solution, and PureVista, a water-activated ClO(2) gas-generating powder mixture.

PureLine's parent company, Grace Brothers Ltd. is in Evanston, IL.



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Alex Whitmore
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Email: alex.whitmore@pureline.com

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Dopke Decon System
PureLine's Dopke Decon System, capable of decontaminating 75 N95 masks for reuse in a 75-minute cycle.

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