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The "Critical Materials Report-Precursors-ALD High K Metals" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report provides market and technical trend information on organic and inorganic precursors, addressing CVD, ALD applications including high metal-oxides, barrier layers, metal interconnects, and capping layers, among others.

It also provides focused information for supply-chain managers, process integration and R&D directors, as well as business development and financial analysts. Covers information about key suppliers, issues/trends in the material supply chain, estimates on supplier market share, and forecast for the material segments.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

1.1 Highlight Material Segment Business Trends (M&A, plant closures, new suppliers, etc.)

1.2 Highlight Material Segment Technology Trends

1.3 5-Year Material Segment Forecast

1.4 EHS/Logistics

1.5 Concludes with analyst assessment of the covered materials market

2 Scope

2.1 Scope

2.2 Purpose

2.3 Methodology

3 Market Outlook

3.1 Worldwide Economy

3.2 Electronic Goods Market

3.3 IT / Data Systems

3.4 Smart Phone Market

3.5 PC Computers

3.6 Automotive

3.7 Semiconductor Device Outlook

3.8 Equipment Spending and Fab and Capital Investments

3.9 MEMS & Legacy Devices

3.10 Wafer Start Forecast

3.11 Overall China Market News and Trends

3.12 Semiconductor Market Overview Summary

4 Material Segment Trends

4.1 Fab Material Supply/Demand

4.2 Identify raw material shortages and supply chain constraints

4.2.1 Tungsten

4.2.2 Tantalum (and Niobium)

4.2.3 Zirconium & Hafnium

4.2.4 Cobalt

4.2.5 Ruthenium and Platinum Group Metals (PGM)

4.2.6 Rare Earth

4.3 Technical drivers/material change & transitions

4.3.1 Material trends for the leading-edge

4.3.2 Multi-patterning & EUV Lithography

4.4 Interconnect Trends

4.4.1 Copper Interconnect

4.4.2 Cobalt interconnects, liners, and caps

4.4.3 Ruthenium Interconnects

4.4.4 Manganese Barrier Metal

4.5 Logic Transistor Evolution

4.5.1 5 nm and beyond

4.6 Extending FinFET to Horizonal Nanowires GAA FETs

4.7 Realizing vertical Logic - Going vertical (2.5/3D)

4.8 Memory Evolution & Future Trends

4.8.1 DRAM

4.8.2 2D to 3D NAND transition

4.8.3 Trends/impact/status of legacy materials

4.9 Comment on Regional trends/drivers

4.10 EHS and, if possible, Logistics issues*

4.11 Tungsten

4.12 Titanium

4.13 Zirconium and Hafnium

4.14 Cobalt

4.15 Ruthenium

4.16 Changes in standard packaging/valve types

5 Supplier Market Landscape

5.1 M&A Activity

5.1.1 Linde-Praxair

5.1.2 DowDuPont

5.1.3 Versum Materials takeover deal by Merck KGaA

5.1.4 MPD Chemicals acquires Norquay Technology

5.2 New plants/New entrants

5.3 Identify recently closed plants or to be closed plants

5.4 New entrants

5.4.1 Adekasnew liquid Yttrium precursor

5.4.2 Strem Chemicals' offers new La-FMD ALD precursor for future leading-edge logic and memory products

5.4.3 RASIRC : Effective Silicon and Metal Nitride Deposition at Reduced Temperature using Brute Hydrazine

5.4.4 Thermal ALD of Aluminum for Metal Gates/ Electrodes

5.4.5 Cobalt, Copper, and Iron Amidinate- Liner/Interconnect .

5.4.6 Cobalt CVD Precursor - Cosine

5.4.7 Ruthenium Precursors - Selective Deposition

5.5 Suppliers or parts/product lines that are at risk of discontinuance or capacity reduction

5.6 Materials Market Size & Forecast

5.6.1 Metal and High- ALD/CVD precursors

5.6.2 Market Shares and Regional Shares

6 Sub-tier Material Supply Chain

6.1 Raw Material Pricing trends/Price points, if easily available*

6.1.1 By material segment (using targets for example, Ta, Ti, W, etc.) Tungsten Tantalum Titanium Aluminium Zirconium and Hafnium Cobalt Ruthenium

6.1.2 Pricing trends and/or forecast

6.1.3 Analyst Assessment and outlook for raw materials supply-chain issues

7 Supplier Profiles

7.1 Chemical Vapor Deposition - CVD

7.2 Atomic Layer Deposition - ALD

7.3 Spin-on Dielectrics (SOD)

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