CTL Supporting Community Through COVID-19

PORTLAND, Ore., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the ongoing global health crisis, COVID-19 has forced many businesses and schools to shut down and through these unprecedented times, CTL has committed to helping the community however we can. Manufacturing technology devices that help others during this pandemic has allowed us the opportunity to give back in ways where it can benefit the community as a whole.

Those that test positive for coronavirus and have to self-isolate can be in a very lonely and disconnected environment. CTL is providing Chromebook devices to Kaiser Permanente for COVID-19 patients to use when in isolation. By providing technology devices for patients, they'll have the ability to stay connected with family and any work needs.

CTL also donated Chromebooks to the City of Portland's Emergency Management Services for use during the COVID-19 crisis. Now equipped with Chromebooks, the City of Portland will be able to provide technology devices to those in need, including school districts.

With schools shut down and everyone moving towards a distance learning approach, sometimes it is not easy for every student to have access to technology at home the way they would in the classroom. CTL recently donated Chromebooks to a charter school that has a high percentage of low-income students to bridge this gap and assist students with the equipment needed to continue their education.

Additionally, CTL has provided Chromebook devices to #collegepossible teachers throughout Oregon so they can continue to provide remote coaching to their students. Many students in this program will be the first member of their family to go to college, so it is essential that each student is on track to graduate on time and prepared for their higher education journey.

During these difficult times, CTL feels fortunate to be able to continue to operate and to be able to give back to our community.

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