What Are The Typical Car Insurance Discounts Offered By Insurance Companies

LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Paying the monthly bill for car insurance can be a burden for drivers. Many of them are struggling to gather enough money to pay their monthly insurance bills. Luckily, car insurance doesn't have to be expensive. To make car insurance more affordable, car insurance companies are offering various types of discounts that can be earned by drivers after meeting the requirements.

The most important discounts offered by providers are the following:

    --  Demographic and geographic-based discounts. Factors like age, gender,
        marital status can significantly affect the price of car insurance.
        Young and senior drivers will pay more on their premiums than drivers
        who are between 30 and 60 years old. Married drivers are considered to
        be more responsible and will pay less on their premiums than drivers who
        are single or divorced. Policyholders who use their vehicles to commute
        to work on short distances can be eligible for a low-mileage discount.
        Drivers who live in areas with low car theft and vandalism rates will
        also pay cheaper premiums.
    --  Clean driving discount. To obtain the no-claim bonus, drivers will have
        to make no claims and announce no accidents for a certain period.
        Usually, insurers will offer this bonus after 3-5 years.
    --  Safety devices discount. Newer car models come equipped with various
        types of safety devices. Depending on what types of devices are
        installed on a vehicle, drivers can gain a safety devices discount.
        Also, policyholders can improve the safety rating of their vehicles by
        installing aftermarket safety and tracking devices. However, drivers
        should talk with their insurers first and check what devices are
        approved and how much money they can save by installing them.
    --  Paying the policy upfront discount. Insurers will save monthly
        administration costs if the policyholder chooses to pay for the whole
        policy at once. For this reason, the insurers are willing to give a
        discount to those drivers who chose to pay their policy once instead of
        having to pay it monthly.
    --  Defensive driving discount. Drivers who attend and graduate a defensive
        driving course will get a discount from their insurers. Besides
        obtaining a discount, drivers who attend a defensive driving course will
        improve their driving skills and will learn how to identify and avoid
        road obstacles.

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