Full Steam Ahead: Property Rescue Looks at The Impact of HS2 on the Property Market

LONDON, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Incredibly, the debate about HS2 has been discussed for longer than Brexit, and yet the government are yet to confirm whether it can fully go ahead.

During this time, speculation has been rife as to whether it will have a positive or negative effect on house prices.

Property Rescue have delved into the details to help homeowners understand exactly what sort of effect HS2 will have on the price of their property.

The study found that there will be both positive and negative fluctuations over the period of build and launch, with potentially an initial negative impact for those within half a kilometre of the line.

Research has found that the disruption caused during construction on similar lines, such as HS1, saw prices drop dramatically, although prices did recover once work was complete.

In the long term, prices are set to increase, with some Birmingham properties already seeing significant rises, in some cases as large as 17% since 2017.

Danny Nieberg, Director at Property Rescue said, "It's common that the disruption caused by major projects can have a temporary negative effect on house prices.

"However, in the case of HS2, faster connections will ultimately prove a huge benefit and boost house prices in cities north of the capital, including Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham."

You can view the full report at: https://www.propertyrescue.co.uk/useful-guides-articles/the-impact-of-hs2-on-the-property-market-a-detailed-look/

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