Agility Webinar Explores New Work-From-Home Reality

ROCK HILL, S.C., April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when a day at the office increasingly means the kitchen table or couch, team leaders and decision-makers face a host of new challenges to keep internal communications productive. While state-of-the-art video conferencing technology increasingly allows for quality participation from multiple locations with collaborative features, there can still be a trade-off in the lack of shared physical space. Newcomers to remote work need skills to improve conditions and solve problems.

A March 25 webinar by agile transformation consultant Jeff Burstein offered pro tips from seasoned remote-working executives for "Continuous Value Delivery In a Work From Home World." The free 90-minute session was open to professionals in information technology, education, digital marketing, manufacturing, architecture and more. To maximize the value of teleconferencing, they encouraged all participants to map out in advance the experience they want to achieve, and use virtual icebreakers to get everyone talking.

Some of the problems and solutions included:

              Maximizing engagement during virtual     
            Encourage team members to use their
    meetings/avoid multitasking                                  webcam by introducing 
            their work
                                                                 environment/displaying personal items


              Managing work and personal time while at 
            Keep personal appointments and designated
    home                                                         family time on shared calendars


              Avoiding burnout                         
            Encourage employees to clock out when
                                                                 needed while remaining reachable for urgent


              Building comradery between remote        
            Try virtual coffee, happy hour, yoga;
    workers:                                                     acknowledge birthdays.


When managing the shift from an in person workplace to virtual, as most companies have been forced to do by the COVID-19 emergency, personal touches matter. One advisor who frequently left handwritten thank-you notes on employees' desks continued the practice by scanning the notes and displaying them.

"The Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives and, presently, it cannot be business as usual," said Burstein, who is planning a follow up conference in the coming weeks. "How can we deal with these never before seen complications, disruptions and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic? "

"Our goal is to provide free access to experts and a professionally facilitated workshop intended to identify solutions for any business owner, employer, employee, education professional or institute seeking a level of stabilization or trying to solve for a better allocation of stretched resources."

Facilitators of the webinar included Spencer Loren Teillon, Dareion Johnson, Stephanie Chernoff, Dory Caplin, David A Brown and Stephen Moubray. For more information, go to

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