FOXO BioScience, Formerly Known as Life Epigenetics, Announces New Infinium Mouse Methylation Array in Strategic Collaboration with Van Andel Institute

MINNEAPOLIS, April 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- FOXO BioScience today announced the completion of an agreement to bring DNA methylation-based testing services of laboratory mice to the scientific research community.

FOXO collaborated with Van Andel Institute (VAI) to identify target regions of the mouse methylome and fund the production of a mouse DNA methylation array using Illumina as a technology provider. This array will allow scientists to more broadly research epigenetics in their investigative work.

"I am extremely excited that a cost-effective mouse DNA methylation array is finally becoming available," said Dr. Peter W. Laird, a professor at Van Andel Institute's Center for Epigenetics and co-developer of the array content. "The past decade has witnessed an explosion in our understanding of the role of DNA methylation in human health and disease, thanks to the availability of Infinium DNA Methylation Arrays. Advances in mouse epigenetics have suffered from the lack of similar tools for mice."

Until now, scientists have not had DNA methylation array technology available to support their research efforts into precision-based diagnostic and therapeutic medicine in model organisms such as mice. FOXO expects that the Infinium Mouse Methylation Array will lead to a significant expansion of the basic science of epigenetics, thereby fueling innovation in further technology development and scientific knowledge. The Infinium Mouse Methylation Array provides scientists with proof-of-concept tools for future studies in humans.

According to Jon Sabes, CEO and founder of FOXO: "We expect the Infinium Mouse Methylation Array to significantly enhance DNA methylation-based research and as a result an expansion in the use of epigenetic biomarkers for diagnostic screening and precision-based therapeutics of health, wellness, disease, and aging. We believe this needed expansion in epigenetic research will prove transformative for improving human healthspan and increasing lifespan."

In addition to providing the scientific community with mouse DNA methylation array testing services, FOXO has released several open source bioinformatics software packages to epigenetics researchers worldwide. The software is facilitating scientific breakthroughs by simplifying and automating the laborious preprocessing, quality control and analysis steps commonly involved in the analysis of complex DNA methylation data.

When paired with FOXO's robust open source software suite, this highly anticipated mouse DNA methylation array will provide an affordable solution that enables researchers to perform large-scale epigenetic studies for therapeutic interventions, differences across tissues and cell types, longitudinal changes, intergenerational transmission of heritable traits, and stimulate human epigenetic research. For product specifications, download the Infinium Mouse Methylation Array product sheet or sign up to reserve Infinium Mouse Methylation Array testing services at

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