Nurses & Company Home Health Rolls Out Ally® Connected Care to Engage COVID-19 Patients Heading Home from St. Louis Area Hospitals

ST. LOUIS, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nurses & Company, Inc., a leading private and locally owned Home Health Care, Hospice Care and Private Services company serving the Greater St. Louis are for almost 30 years, announced it has partnered with Continuity Health Solutions to utilize the "Ally(®) Connected Care" platform to manage care for COVID-19 patients headed home from hospitals in the greater St. Louis area. While the hospitals have been heavily involved on the front end of this pandemic, home health care providers are now being called on to manage these patients when they are ready to head home. The value in this Ally(®) Connected Care model, is that Nurses & Company can take on the necessary care for these patients sooner than is normally possible, freeing up precious hospital beds and lowering overall healthcare costs. Additionally, this care is provided with less risk of exposure for Nurses & Company staff while allowing more frequent interactions with the patient. These interactions can be simple automated calls or wearable patches technology that can report temperature, heart rate and respiration.

Nurses & Company President, Bobby Robertson made a career out of providing technology to home health companies as the long-standing CEO of Healthcarefirst, a company that provided technology to over 4500 home health providers across the U.S. Over the last 10 months, Robertson entered the provider world by acquiring 2 home health and 3 hospice providers in Missouri, which has given him a platform to layer technology into the great care home health nurses do every day. This couldn't have come at a better time for the St. Louis area. "The Nurse Heroes across our country are being called upon, with a level of demand never seen to this point, The Ally® Connected Care platform allows us to lessen the nurse strain in the hospital with quicker discharges, to lessen the risk of COVID transmission from patient to nurse with tech enabled patient engagement, and allows patients to go home sooner with appropriate skilled care. Times such as these accelerate innovation that will benefit our community now and for years to come. Nurses & Company is excited to be a part of this innovation!" says Robertson.

This announcement comes just two weeks after Robertson announced the acquisition of HomeCare of Mid Missouri Home Health and Hospice. Through the parent company Missouri Home Hospice, Robertson now has Nurses & Company Home Health, Hospice and Private Services, HomeCare of Mid Missouri Home Health and Hospice and Transitions Hospice. "We will continue to establish Missouri Home Hospice providers, as innovators and thought leaders, for out of hospital care across Missouri. This partnership with Continuity Healthcare Solutions and the Ally® Connected Care is an excellent example of this commitment to leadership in this time of great need," says Robertson.

About Nurses & Company

Since 1991, Nurses & Company has provided the Greater St. Louis area Home Health Care, Palliative Care, Hospice Care and Private Services. Health care facilities, health systems, accountable care organizations, physicians and family caregivers' partner with Nurses & Company for exceptional care and results daily. For more information visit the company's website at

About Continuity Health Solutions

Continuity Health Solutions is a provider of services and solutions for organizations to virtualize their care delivery across the care continuum and improve outcomes. Our solutions allow organizations to stratify their population, provide workflow tools across the population from transitional care to remote patient monitoring utilizing scientific developed care plans from American Heart Association or crafted by the care organizations team. Continuity Health Solutions has been selected by American Heart Association's Center for Healthcare Technology & Innovation to operationalize their evidence-based digital programs, content, and Care Plans for inclusion in vendor solutions. The Association's Intelligent Content initiative centralizes the delivery and management of more than 1,900 of the Association's scientific resources in a digital location allowing participating providers to easily connect to complete resources that are ready for deployment to patients. For more information contact Bryan Poteet, or visit the company's website at

About Missouri Home Hospice

Missouri Home Hospice companies have been providing Home Health Care, Hospice Care, Palliative Care and Private Services in Missouri for almost 50 years. Its companies include Nurses & Company Home Health Care, Nurses & Company Hospice Care, Nurses Company Private Services, Transitions Hospice, HomeCare of Mid Missouri Home Health and HomeCare of Mid Missouri Hospice. Health care facilities, health systems, accountable care organizations, physicians and family caregivers' partner with Missouri Home Hospice companies for exceptional care and results daily. For more information contact Bobby Robertson, or visit the company's provider websites at

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