New Branding Introduced for Top Agile Training Company

ARLINGTON, Va., April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The corporate spinoff and rebranding of Excella Training as NextUp Solutions is now complete, NextUp officials have announced.

The rebranding began last November when Excella, a leading technology consulting firm headquartered in the Washington metro area, announced a corporate restructuring that would spin off its rapidly growing Agile training division, known as Excella Training, as well as its award-winning internship program, Exelaration. Both the training business and the campus-based software development unit are now up and running under the new NextUp Solutions umbrella.

"As D.C.'s leading Agile training organization, our crossover from Excella Training to NextUp Solutions hasn't missed a beat," remarked Steve Cooper, CEO of NextUp Solutions.

"This new independence will allow our training and internship units to realize their full potential as transformative learning opportunities within the tech world and beyond," Cooper explained. "Our new NextUp Solutions brand identity reflects our increased focus on iteration and innovation."

For more than a decade, the NextUp team has trained thousands of software developers, tech teams, and other professionals on Agile, an overarching methodology for increasing the quality of deliverables by producing them incrementally, rather than all at once. Used in software development and project management across a wide range of industries and practices, Agile helps organizations improve project performance, cope with change, and enhance overall team dynamics.

In another recent development, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the certifying boards that govern Agile methodologies, such as Scrum Alliance and Kanban University, have approved remote training for the first time ever. As a result, all of NextUp's most-popular training courses can now be accessed from anywhere, allowing people across the U.S. the unprecedented opportunity to obtain a valuable certification remotely. "We've actually seen our client base expand since we've introduced online education," Cooper said.

Clients historically have been drawn to NextUp for its expertise in training both on Agile and on Agile's many frameworks, including processes known as Scrum and Kanban. NextUp also offers a range of workshops and certifications on technology best practices, such as a User Story Workshop and JIRA 101.

"Our longtime, dedicated followers will be happy to know that under the NextUp Solutions brand, we're still offering the same extensive catalog of Agile training, led by the same renowned instructors," emphasized Cooper. "Our top training priorities are to create a transformative learning experience for our students and to give them the ability to take what they've learned from us and use it to better their teams and communities."

He added that the brand voice for new NextUp Solutions will be one that exudes competence, confidence and a certain element of casualness that fosters student comfortability in their courses. The company will market itself using the tagline, "Transformative Agile Training."

NextUp Solutions is also expanding its in-person training to new markets, such as Cleveland. For more information about NextUp Solutions, visit the new website

About NextUp Solutions Inc.

At NextUp Solutions, Agile is more than a methodology - it's a mindset. When it comes to problems with technology, Agile enables project management and software development professionals, teams and organizations to solve the unsolvable and make people's lives easier. Since pioneering one of the world's most-successful campus-based technology development centers, NextUp has remained committed to expanding Agile practices through the application of progressive and disruptive tactics.

Real-world Agile expertise informs NextUp's training programs. The company teaches Agile and Scrum concepts in a business context because it believes there should be a clear link between what you learn and how you use that knowledge every day. Participants emerge from NextUp's classes transformed, with new skills that are meaningful to both themselves and their teams.

NextUp's offices are located in Arlington, Virginia, and Blacksburg, Virginia. As the Washington area's leading Agile training organization, hundreds of companies have turned to NextUp and its team of Agile experts for training across a variety of frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and Large-Scale Scrum. Over the past 15 years, the NextUp team of instructors has introduced Agile practices to myriad organizations through training, coaching and assessments.

NextUp's mentor-based internship program, Exelaration, was recently ranked No. 3 on the list of the "Best Tech & Engineering Internships" for 2020, as well as No. 6 for "Best Internships for Employment Prospects" and No. 11 among the "100 Best Internships."

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