Mission-Critical Protection: Hardwire Ballistic Panels Now Available from Havis

WARMINSTER, Pa., April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Havis, Inc., is excited to announce a partnership with Hardwire to provide mission-critical ballistic armor for public safety vehicles.

"Protecting law enforcement officers is core to our team, and this partnership with Havis provides more officers access to our ballistic vehicle armor," said George Tunis, Hardwire's CEO. "We are excited to reach more police departments to ensure that they know armor is available, functional, and affordable."

Hardwire ballistic panels are proven, high performance, life-saving vehicle armor. The armor provides NIJ Level IIIA armor protection, and tests confirm they stop .357 SIG and .44 Magnum ammunition fired from longer barrel handguns as well as shotgun fire. This enhanced armor provides additional protection to public safety officers while in the field or on the scene.

"Exterior ballistic panels are already standard for both the New York and Philadelphia Police Department," said Dan Heiland, Product Manager for Material Handing and Versatile solutions at Havis. "Our solutions support a range of vehicles already in the field, and they are simple to install, which means minimal downtime for police vehicles."

Hardwire's armor kits from Havis include an external door and window insert solution. The kits are lightweight and durable, easy to install or remove, and transferable to like models. From vehicle-specific consoles to unique device mounts to K9 transport systems and more, Havis offers a dash-to-trunk line of purpose-built and innovative solutions that provide extreme officer protection. For more information, contact media@havis.com or visit http://www.havis.com.

Havis, Inc., is a privately held, ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures in-vehicle mobile office solutions for public safety, public works, government agencies, and mobile professionals. For more than 80 years, the Havis mission has been to increase mobile worker productivity with industry-leading products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Havis is dedicated to responsible intellectual property management and fosters ongoing innovation. It's patent and trademark portfolio demonstrates a commitment to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for mobile industries around the world. Havis currently employs more than 300 people, with headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, and globally. For more information on Havis, please call 1-800-524-9900 or visit http://www.havis.com..

Hardwire's corporate mission is to enable the survivability of humans. Hardwire produces armor for the U.S. military, law enforcement organizations, bridges, and public facilities. In addition to vehicle armor for law enforcement patrol vehicles and Command Centers, Hardwire makes the lightest body armor in the world, and holds the contracts to produce the soft armor for the Special Operations Command and the U.S. Marine Corps. http://www.hardwirellc.com.

SOURCE Havis, Inc