Miami Real Estate Agency Launches Florida's First Truly Cloud Based Brokerage

MIAMI, April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Founders of Miami Real Estate Agency Sean Greco, Nick Hiersche and Kyle Hiersche have worked together on numerous real estate deals and investments in the past. Over their 10 year relationship, the real estate industry changed in many ways and they frequently brainstormed where it's going. In 2020 it is no secret, real estate is going online.

Agents who join their brokerage get the benefits of no monthly fees, no transaction fees and a free cutting edge CRM and IDX website. Times are changing due to recent events with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate has been shifting online in recent years but the need to be online based is more important than ever now. By launching Miami Real Estate Agency, they look to succeed with the first truly cloud based brokerage in Florida.

"Our entire team compliments each other by bringing over 16 years of broker experience with 15 years of digital marketing experience. We have an in house programmer creating our own software and an attorney as one of the owners and in house counsel. We feel that we have everything we need under one roof to provide agents with what they need to succeed" - Kyle Hiersche (Founding Partner and Head of Marketing for Miami Real Estate Agency)

With many Realtors in South Florida and nationwide looking to get a leg up on competition through technology, Miami Real Estate Agency plans to step in to help. Many agents have seen their business decline due to market conditions and saturation of other agents in the business. On top of that, experts warn the coronavirus is creating an uncertainty in the market place and a challenge for Realtors to do showings, etc.

"There are 180,000 Realtors just in Florida" said CEO Nicholas Hiersche, "They are all fighting for the same listings and home buyers, which are limited. What makes the difference is how are you going to get in front of potential new clients? How are you going to organize them? How are you going to follow up with them? That is what we are experts at."

Miami Real Estate Agency is officially in business and out to take the South Florida real estate market by storm. They are now accepting Florida Realtors looking to join the future of real estate. Florida Real Estate Agents can apply to join here:

You can view a video with more information here:
About Miami Real Estate Agency

Miami Real Estate Agency was founded in April 2020. Managing Broker Sean Greco has been a real estate agent and broker in Miami for over 16 years. Sean specializes in Miami Beach and south beach in particular but has a wide variety of knowledge and experience in the entire south Florida area. CEO Nick Hiersche owns a multi million dollar marketing company that has spent over $2 Million on digital advertising. He has online advertising certifications from Google and Facebook. In-house counsel Tyler Stiglich was brought in for legal guidance and event expert Kyle Hiersche was added to the team to expand the brokerage at the ground floor level. Together the team forms Miami's first true cloud based real estate brokerage, Miami Real Estate Agency.

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