SkuTouch Solutions Importing Medical Supplies from China to United States in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

International logistics provider SkuTouch Solutions is importing medical supplies from China to the United States in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The business is sourcing the supplies directly from manufacturers in China and utilizing air shipment methods which can have supplies arriving at their destinations between 3-5 days.

“With the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are assisting hospital groups, medical facilities and the US Government by importing supplies to the United States, including surgical and barrier gowns, face shields, and a variety of masks standards,” according to Doug Obershaw, co-founder and CEO of SkuTouch Solutions, an international supply chain logistics services firm based in Lenexa, Kansas.

SkuTouch provides distribution in the China e-commerce market where barriers may exist across market strategy, sales implementation, forward and reverse logistics and after sales service. They are knowledgeable about China's Guanxi culture, governmental policies and business practices. SkuTouch maintains their own warehousing facilities in Vietnam, Thailand, Los Angeles, New York, and Lenexa, Kansas.

“We guarantee a reliable entry into China's market and quick implementation of web and marketplace platforms, together with shipping, inventory management, last mile delivery and after sale service, all managed with our custom cloud-based software solution,” according to Obershaw.

When serving as an international supply chain logistics services partner, SkuTouch can handle a multitude of other products from their individual client groups. “We can move up to 400 tons of air cargo from Asia to the United States every month,” according to Obershaw.

SkuTouch Solutions logistics services include:

  • International shipping (Collection, Forwarding & Documentation)
  • Customs clearance (Taxes, Duties & Shipping)
  • Last mile delivery with complete reverse logistics
  • In-country order tracking at point of sale
  • Tracking and delivery
  • Customer cloud-based technology

SkuTouch developed their own proprietary internal information collection platforms. These platforms are built into each shipment and track each individual carton including the contents, certifications in the case of FDA controlled materials, content value, destination and other pertinent details.

For Western merchants, SkuTouch also facilitates e-commerce for a variety of general consumer goods in Asia, beginning with “services to services” to assist in market entry, strategy, sales implementation, as well as forward and reverse logistics. “We perform all logistics and brokerage activities and we interact directly with carrier systems to facilitate package preparations, customs clearance, and tracking for door-to-door service in the United States,” according to Obershaw.

About SkuTouch Solutions, LLC:

SkuTouch Solutions was founded in 2003 by Doug and Terry Obershaw. The manufacturing consultancy and logistics provider services include material collection and transportation within the United States and internationally. SkuTouch Solutions was recognized as the “Exporting Business of the Year” at the 2020 Kansas Small Business Awards. Their website address is For more information, contact Doug Obershaw at 1.800.711.0106, or by email at