WINFertility and Dadi Team Up to Offer the Most Convenient, Comprehensive Male-factor Infertility Solution for Employees and Consumers

GREENWICH, Conn., April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- WINFertility (WIN), the nation's leading fertility benefits management company that provides access for millions of families to the best reproductive endocrinologists, fertility technology and clinical and emotional support, and Dadi, a cutting-edge male fertility company, making male fertility testing more affordable and easily accessible, today announced a comprehensive male-factor infertility health benefits solution for employees and consumers. The collaboration, announced during National Infertility Awareness Week, will enable men and couples to take control of their reproductive health by helping identify male factor infertility issues caused by age, disease and lifestyle, early on and addressing any fertility challenges in a safe and supportive environment. The WINFertility and Dadi initiative is a key component of WIN for HIM, a fertility advocacy program for men who want to be proactive about their fertility or are about to start their family-building journey. The WIN for HIM program will be available to employers as well as consumers in May of 2020.

Historically, infertility has been widely viewed as a female-only issue, but since up to 50 percent of infertility cases are attributed to men, it's important men test their reproductive health. If a male factor defect is detected early, men and couples can be directed to the right treatment plan, thus saving time, money, and unnecessary procedures. Because society has largely ignored male factor infertility, most men have been apprehensive to test their sperm or talk about the fertility issues they may be facing. Together, WIN and Dadi have created a solution that makes it easy for men to get the right testing, information and support.

The WIN for HIM program includes:
? Convenient at-home sperm collection kit - Men collect their sperm sample in the privacy and comfort of their own home using Dadi's FDA-licensed at-home sperm collection kit that is tamper proof and delivered and returned using express overnight shipping.
? State-of-the-art sperm storage solution - Sperm deposits are cryopreserved at Dadi's cryogenic laboratory in a liquid nitrogen tank at -321°F, a temperature which suspends all metabolic processes. Storage is complimentary for one year.
? Comprehensive reporting - Dadi measures sperm count, motility and morphology, the key parameters used to identify male-factor infertility that's typically caused by age, disease or lifestyle factors. All reports are analyzed by certified lab technicians and delivered within 24-hours of receipt.
? Virtual clinical guidance - 24/7 access to a WIN Nurse Care Manager who specializes in fertility advocacy and education to discuss causes of male infertility, screening options, and interpret test results. Where appropriate, the WIN Nurse Care Manager can facilitate access to top in-network reproductive endocrinologists, fertility pharmacies, and clinical protocols.
? Virtual emotional support - Access to WIN's reproductive emotional health specialists who will address the emotional challenges associated with infertility such as managing stress and marriage and relationship issues that may arise.
? Education content - WIN's vast educational content on male-factor infertility through the WINFertility website and app.

"For more than 20 years, WINFertility has built a reputation of putting family first," says Peter Nieves, Chief Commercial Officer with WINFertility. "Dadi shares our values and is committed to creating the best possible experience for fertility patients. By adding Dadi's advanced sperm testing kit and storage capabilities to our clinical and behavioral care, it allows us to address the much under-served needs of men challenged with male-factor infertility."

"Male infertility is systemic and has been traditionally ignored by reproductive health services and employer benefits packages," said Tom Smith, Dadi Co-founder, and CEO. "The collaboration with WIN enables us to extend Dadi's mission to normalize the conversation around male factor infertility. With WIN's 20+ years as the leader in the managed fertility benefits industry, experience supporting millions of families across various industries, and commitment to high-quality care and support, Dadi will better service men who want to take control of their fertility."

Employers interested in including WIN for HIM in their corporate benefit offering can visit for more information. Consumers can also take advantage of the full WIN for HIM program directly through the WINFertility website and app.

About WINFertility
WINFertility is the nation's leading family-building and fertility benefit management company, providing comprehensive solutions for employers, health plans and consumers. From fertility management, including medical treatment, pharmacy and genetics to surrogacy and adoption, WINFertility has helped more than 100,000 families by providing access to the best doctors, technology, and support. WIN works with the nation's leading reproductive endocrinologists and integrates with national and regional insurance carriers, as well as the nation's largest pharmacy benefit managers, to deliver the most advanced and effective fertility treatments and family-building solutions. WIN Nurse Care Managers navigate patients through the often complex process, providing clinical oversight, emotional support, advocacy, and education throughout the journey. Patients and clients that utilize WIN's program see higher pregnancy rates, fewer multiple gestations, more efficient Rx utilization, and lower costs. The company headquarters are based in Greenwich, CT.

About Dadi

Dadi is the leading male fertility company that makes male fertility testing and storage more affordable and accessible. Dadi has created a simple, safe, and easy way for men and couples to make well-informed fertility preservation and family-building decisions as well as identify potential male factor infertility issues. Male factor infertility has been traditionally ignored and represents a systemic problem across industry-standard reproductive health services. Dadi's at-home collection kit and cryogenic sperm storage solution is FDA-licensed across the USA in all 50 states and provides comprehensive lab testing and reporting for an overall experience that is faster, easier and less expensive than traditional sperm banks can provide. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dadi was co-founded by Tom Smith, Gordon von Steiner, and Mackey Saturday. Since its launch in January 2019, Dadi has serviced customers in over 1,100 cities nationwide. For more information, visit