Global PP Nonwoven Market (2020 to 2028) - Low-Cost Labor in Emerging Economies Presents Opportunities -

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As per an analysis by the publisher on the global PP nonwoven market, it is estimated that the industry would show growth at a CAGR of 7.05% in the period 2020-2028.

PP nonwoven material is used in the production of diapers and other sanitary products. The growth of the diapers market and the increasing demand for durable applications are the key factors driving the demand for PP nonwoven fabric. Besides, with the increasing aging population, there is an increase in the demand for medical devices. Nonwoven fabric also finds its applications in the manufacturing of these products. Hence, the surge in the geriatric population is also a factor influencing market growth positively.

Key opportunities like the growing demand for polypropylene-based composites and low labor charges in the emerging countries must be leveraged to reach the projected market growth. However, the volatile prices of the raw materials needed for the PP nonwoven manufacturing are restraining the market's growth. Stringent regulations regarding the environmental threats posed by the fabric are also affecting the market growth. Besides, the huge initial investment costs and easy obtainability of alternatives are challenging market growth.

The global market report covers the countries from the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Latin America.

Asia-Pacific is likely to be the region with the largest market of PP nonwoven with the highest revenue growth over the forecasted years. The increasing demand for diaper market in countries like China majorly contributes to this growth. Also, consumers are now able to afford these products due to their growing disposable income. Hence, the Asian-Pacific market is expected to show further growth.

Companies Mentioned

  • Kimberly Clark Corporation
  • Berry Global Inc
  • Avgol Ltd
  • First Quality Enterprises Inc
  • PF Nonwovens Czech Sro
  • Fibertex Nonwovens A/S
  • Mitsui Chemicals Inc
  • Toray Industries Inc
  • Asai Kasei Corporation
  • Johns Manville
  • Ahlstrom-Munksjo
  • Fitesa S/A
  • Freudenberg Se
  • Polymer Group Ltd
  • Low & Bonar

Key Topics Covered:

1. Global PP Nonwoven Market - Summary

2. Industry Outlook

2.1. Market Definition

2.2. Key Insights

2.2.1. Asia-Pacific Leads the Overall Market

2.2.2. Emerging Demand for Spunbonded Fabric

2.2.3. Mounting Interest in Furniture Industry

2.3. Porter's Five Force Analysis

2.3.1. Threat of New Entrants

2.3.2. Threat of Substitute

2.3.3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

2.3.4. Bargaining Power of Buyers

2.3.5. Threat of Competitive Rivalry

2.4. Key Impact Analysis

2.4.1. Company Background and Experience

2.4.2. Cost

2.4.3. Ease of Use

2.4.4. Durability and Security

2.5. Market Attractiveness Index

2.6. Vendor Scorecard

2.7. Market Drivers

2.7.1. High Demand for Baby Diapers

2.7.2. Developing Demand for Durable Applications

2.7.3. Surge in Aging Population

2.8. Market Restraints

2.8.1. Uncertainty in Raw Material Prices

2.8.2. Stringent Environmental Regulations

2.9. Market Opportunities

2.9.1. Growing Demand for Polypropylene-Based Composites

2.9.2. Low-Cost Labor in Emerging Economies

2.10. Market Challenges

2.10.1. Rise in Cost of Investment

2.10.2. Easy Obtainability of Substitutes

3. Global PP Nonwoven Market Outlook - by Product

3.1. Spunbonded

3.2. Staples

3.3. Melt Blown

3.4. Composites

4. Global PP Nonwoven Market Outlook - by Application

4.1. Hygiene

4.2. Industrial

4.3. Medical

4.4. Geotextiles

4.5. Furniture

4.6. Carpet

4.7. Agriculture

4.8. Other

5. Global PP Nonwoven Market - Regional Outlook

5.1. North America

5.2. Europe

5.3. Asia-Pacific

5.4. Latin America

5.5. Middle East and Africa

6. Competitive Landscape

7. Methodology & Scope

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