Conversocial Redefines Omnichannel With CX Platform For Customer Engagement Across Messaging Channels

NEW YORK and LONDON, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Conversocial, the leader in conversational customer experience, today announced new platform and pricing offerings. By combining AI and human agents in a single platform, Conversocial is empowering brands to deliver unique experiences, at scale, across the customer lifecycle.

The all-new Conversational Customer Experience Platform by Conversocial brings together four key capabilities into a single customer engagement suite that enables brands to deliver one-to-one, personalized conversational experiences:

    1. Agent Workspace: Prioritize and route relevant conversations over
       asynchronous messaging channels -- based on identity and full
       conversational context, not session -- to the best individual, team or
       bot based on a fully customized workflow.

    2. Bots: Build and deploy bots across messaging channels like Messenger,
       WhatsApp Business, and Apple Business Chat, that engage across the
       customer journey and seamlessly escalate to human agents when needed.

    3. Notify: Pre-emptively and proactively engage customers with
       conversational messaging that provides the information they need based on
       triggered events or prior interaction history.
    4. Insights: Report and analyze your efforts to measure operational
       efficiency and customer satisfaction of bot and human conversations
       across messaging channels.

The last two months have redefined every aspect of consumer-facing businesses. Within that time period, Conversocial has handled an increase of over 100% in private messaging channel volume. Customers have gone digital, ditching traditional channels and moving to messaging. This is the new normal and a new approach to customer experience is needed.

"Consumers have adopted messaging channels. There's no question about it," says Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, Conversocial CEO. "Nevertheless, delivering conversational customer experiences over messaging channels requires a different approach. A customer-centric approach, infused with AI and automation, enabling proactive and preemptive engagement across the customer journey. It's no longer about one-way outbound messaging where the customer can't talk back. Those days are over. A new approach is needed for customer engagement. One that allows brands to go deep on the channels their customers prefer. For brands to truly embrace conversational CX, they must focus on channel depth, not breadth. For that, the only approach that we've seen work is a single platform supporting both self-service automation and agents."

"As consumers have gone digital, brands have struggled to maintain meaningful customer relationships," explains Conversocial SVP of Marketing & Partnerships, Shane Mac, "The truth is, companies who support live-chat are still thinking in a session-based, website-centric view of the world. Messaging needs a different approach. The biggest winners and losers are now being determined by which brands successfully build meaningful two-way relationships with customers, designing engagement strategies around conversational AI. This is where the majority of SMS marketing providers are failing today."

In an effort to remove any barriers for brands making the move to messaging, Conversocial has also announced new volume-based pricing, offering companies unlimited user licenses for its SaaS platform. "This is a true contact center superpower," continued Ido Borstein- HaCohen. "We now give contact center directors the ability to operate with maximum flexibility, structure the call center as they see fit and make sure they're always prepared. Having unlimited seats protects contact centers against sudden surges in volume while also giving them the power to evolve and innovate with AI and bots."

"Combining automation and humans on one single platform, and by tapping into the power of messaging channels, brands can create conversational CX," says Bornstein-HaCohen. "Our ongoing mission is to enable brands to communicate with their customers better. Simply put: give brands greater efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. This truly excites me as it impacts each and every one of us, our friends, and family on a daily basis. I couldn't be prouder of our team's ongoing hard work to bring such an innovative product to market."

This change in customer preferences has resulted in customer engagement undergoing a transformation: becoming centered around messaging channels and moving away from 'care-only' to encompass the holistic customer experience as we know it -- service, marketing and sales. To learn more about the new Conversocial platform go to:

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Conversocial simplifies how brands communicate with their customers by combining human agents and bots in a single platform. The result; frictionless customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle that enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue -- at scale. In 2019 the company acquired Assist, a leading enterprise chatbot platform, providing its customers with an advanced, integrated experience across bot and human agents. For more information, please visit

Partnering with hundreds of forward-thinking brands such as Google, Tesco, Hertz, British Airways, and Alaska Airlines to help them deliver a better customer experience, Conversocial has a global team of people passionate about helping brands build and scale meaningful relationships with their customers.

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