Infotel Releases Guidelines for IT Leaders Managing Mainframers Working Remotely in Latest Whitepaper

TAMPA, Fla., April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Infotel, a leading global software vendor of data performance and optimization solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, today announced the release of their timely whitepaper that examines the benefits remote work can have for mainframers and employers that are navigating the current skills gap. As corporations worldwide have been forced into remote work ecosystems due to the coronavirus pandemic, some may find the benefits of teleworking as a solution for the skills gap sooner than expected. The whitepaper titled, "Mainframers Working from Home, and How IT Systems Leaders can Embrace the Trend," details the strategic advantages a remote workforce can bring to the Fortune 500 using a mainframe - where seasoned developers are retiring and too few experts exist to replace them.

"With the current COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has gone from a nice-to-have luxury to a non-negotiable necessity," said Jeff Castella, managing director of software at Tampa, Florida-based Infotel Corp. "In order to keep z/OS running smoothly inside the Fortune 500's most critical computing platform, organizations will need new strategies and tools very soon and managing a remote mainframe workforce is a great start."

While we know the coronavirus pandemic will eventually subside, what's less certain is how organizations will treat remote work afterward. As the mainframer skills gap continues to widen and seasoned developers retire, organizations must take into consideration the benefits remote work can have to recruit a younger workforce and keep more-experienced professionals around longer. Research from Deloitte indicates that three-quarters of millennials would rather work from home instead of an office, and 50% of them lean towards companies that can offer flexible work hours and location.

Remote work gives organizations the ability to tap into a larger pool of developers from around the globe and keep professionals approaching retirement age more satisfied and less inclined to leave. According to research from Global Workplace Analytics, 36% of retirees said the possibility of working from home would have made them consider delaying retirement.

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DB/IQ QA: Uniting Mainframe and Remote Work

Infotel's DB/IQ QA was designed with a remote workforce in mind. With developers working from across the globe on the same mainframe applications, DB/IQ helps establish a set of standards and guidelines for all Db2 applications and automatically checks that SQL code follows those standards. Using DB/IQ ensures all SQL code delivered in production is compliant with organizations' quality standards. DB/IQ also detects reliability and performance problems before they occur in production. For more information on DB/IQ click here.

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