IAI’s Singaporean Cyber Subsidiary Custodio Technologies has been awarded a project as part of Singapore’s National Cybersecurity R and D Program

April 23, 2020 - Israel Aerospace Industries, ELTA's Singaporean Cyber Subsidiary, Custodio Technologies, together with Singapore’s Institute of Technology and in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), have been awarded a project as part of Singapore’s National Cybersecurity R&D Programme.

The 2-year project, named “SLADE: Smart Learning Analytics for Digital crime”, aims to research, design, develop and deploy a smart platform for the analysis, learning and investigation of digital crimes, helping investigators overcome the challenges of modern cybercrime investigation and digital evidence analysis.
The project will leverage on Custodio Technologies’, locally developed, next-generation cyber analysis platform – CyVestiGO. Commercially available and operationally deployed, CyVestiGO aids cyber operators and analysts to reduce the time and efforts needed to investigate cyber-security incidents and identify the DNA of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). While successfully helping the enterprise world tackle its increasing cyber-security challenges, CyVestiGo is also an integral part of Custodio's parent company's, Israel Aerospace Industries - IAI, global offering of national-level Cyber-security centers and is being deployed in IAI's projects around the world.

Director of Research and Development in Custodio Technologies Mr Alvin Cheng, said: “Custodio is honored to be awarded with this unique project. We are excited to harness our Cyber incident response knowledge and locally developed technology, together with our partners and collaborators in SIT, DSTA and MHA, to tackle the challenges of digital and cybercrime investigations. Our goal is to help Law Enforcement Agencies around the word to effectively combat cybercrime and successfully prosecute those who choose to use technology against us and our communities.”

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