ZTelco Launches a Powerful Cloud-based Phone System Called RingPlan

POWAY, Calif., April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Managing a phone system can be a difficult and time consuming task. ZTelco launches the beta version of a new cloud-based phone system that is easy to use, quick to launch, and supports remote teams working from home. The sign-up process cuts provisioning time to only minutes, while giving customers full control of how they use their phones.

Customers are now taking ownership of their phone communications, adapting to remote work, and eliminating expensive bills and long-term contracts.

Users can start with a free account with no commitments and can begin adding users immediately after provisioning is complete. Users can upgrade to a paid account to unlock additional features not available in the free tier.

Designed for Power Users
Designed with premium needs in mind, RingPlan is a scalable, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go tool designed for the digital age. RingPlan provides organizations a central hub where they can add lines, extensions, toll-free numbers, track calls, and so much more. Users can use existing phones or can buy phones online from the RingPlan portal. Full control gives organizations more power over how they budget phone communications.

"We built RingPlan with ease of use in mind. This has to make life easier for customers, regardless of where they choose to work."
--Jake Hansen, President of ZTelco Communications

Free to Signup - Get 200 Minutes
RingPlan is free to get started. Organizations who register get unlimited inbound minutes and 200 outbound minutes every month at no cost to make calls. While this free tier is perfect for many small businesses who only casually rely on phone usage, or people who want to test RingPlan's free features, businesses that need more can upgrade to a paid subscription plan without a contract. Users who upgrade get unlimited nationwide minutes and enterprise tools that can help them get the most out of their phones.

Made for Scalability
RingPlan significantly reduces the overall cost of scaling a business. With a simple cost per line, businesses can finally calculate an accurate cost to connect by simply calculating the number of lines they will need. There are no hidden costs so budgeting voice communications is finally available to growing businesses.

RingPlan continues to advance as it grows with even more features in the works. It is obvious to see that RingPlan will quickly become a fast-growing competitor in the field of telephone communications. It offers more value to small and large customers without the added cost and burden of service contracts.

Visit RingPlan.com and get started for free.