Sentrium Announces the Launch of the First VyOS Certification: VyOS Certified Networks Engineer

BARCELONA, Spain, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentrium officially announces the launch of the first VyOS certification for network engineers (VCNE) that will meet expectations of the wide variety of individuals willing to get certified and the certification will be valid for two years.

VCNE will be the first of VyOS certifications and requires candidates having intermediate skills in networking and VyOS.

Unlike a common tradition, the procedure of getting through to passing grade has been modified. Instead, the candidate will encounter the network, which is broken in various ways. There will be a list of objectives, where the candidate must get as many things from to make it work correctly as necessary.

Yuriy Andamasov, Coordinator of VyOS Project, said: "VyOS certification for network engineers is one of the most frequently requested studies by people who need VyOS skills in their job. Finally, after the time of continuous development and improvement of the program, we are officially launching the first course of "VyOS Certified Networks Engineer.

The obtained certificate isn't just a proof of knowledge and competency of the successful applicants, but a decent step forward in their career and tangible benefits for their employers on all VyOS services."

To get prepared for the exam, the candidate has to make sure to brush up IPsec, VTI, OSPF, BGP, NAT, and firewall configuration. Given options are constructed in such a manner so that an experienced VyOS user and network admin can pass it without special preparation for that certification, but still requires a pretty broad knowledge and multiple skills.

Successful passing of the exam will grant a VNCE badge on YourAcclaim platform that could be added to Linkedin and other social networks.

The certification cost is EUR200 per exam.

Sentrium also offers free certifications to existing customers:

    --  Existing Pro Customers will get one voucher for free;
    --  Existing Corp Customers will get five vouchers for free.

To receive a voucher, please submit a request in the support portal. To apply for certification, please fill out the waitlist form.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website.

About VyOS

VyOS is a fully open-source network OS that provides a wide range of features for any network, from a small business to an Internet service provider. It runs on commodity hardware such as desktop router boards and large servers; virtual machines in all popular hypervisors and multiple clouds hosting platforms including VMware, KVM, Xen, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Its aim is to provide the reliability and user experience of traditional hardware routers, without getting tied to any specified hardware or software vendor. Unified command-line interface and

HTTP API for all functions; built-in configuration versioning and archiving; and reversible image upgrade allow network admins to make configuration changes easily.

VyOS project started in 2013 as a fork of Vyatta Core when the open-source Vyatta version was discontinued.

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