Dada Group Launches Livestreaming E-Commerce Platform with One-Hour Delivery

SHANGHAI, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dada Group ("Dada" or the "Company"), China's leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, today announced it is rolling out a Livestreaming E-Commerce service with one-hour delivery to nearly 100,000 retail stores in more than 700 counties and cities across the country. This new service offers a unique shopping experience for consumers and highlights the significant synergies between Dada's two complementary business platforms: JDDJ and Dada Now.

For consumers, livestreaming e-commerce is a complete on-demand, interactive shopping experience. On the JDDJ livestreaming platform, users can see various promotions on popular products, watch as they are demonstrated, make purchases, and share feedback in the broadcast room in real time. When consumers place an order, the goods are sent out immediately from a store in close proximity to where it is being sent, generally less than five kilometers away in distance, and delivered by Dada Now riders within an hour.

For store retailers and brands, the platform represents an opportunity to provide an enhanced online shopping experience and industry-leading delivery capabilities. All merchants, stores and brands can now host livestreaming e-commerce events, which are expected to promote post-epidemic consumption recovery and economic growth. Through JDDJ's state of the art technology and sales tools, retailers can capitalize on the emerging trends in e-commerce and drive consumer engagement.

Dada first piloted its One-Hour Livestreaming E-commerce service during JDDJ's Fifth Anniversary Shopping Festival in April, at which time the Company reported record sales numbers. More than 700,000 viewers combined tuned into Dada's three live streaming events with JDDJ, where participants received products, exclusive vouchers and other discounts. Snacks and dairy products were the hottest selling products in the JDDJ livestreaming room, with nearly 1,000 pieces of ice cream sold within the first 5 minutes.

On April 25, Dada partnered with Shanghai local shopping TV channel OCJ and Unilever to host a grand livestreaming launch event, which showcased popular products on JDDJ's livestreaming platform and offered consumers discounts and promotions. The number of viewers exceeded 358,000 and 80% of participants ordered products during the livestream and reported a positive shopping experience. The event promoted consumption at many of the stores on JDDJ's platform, as approximately 90% of Walmart stores and over 50% of the Yonghui Supermarket stores sold products across the country.

"We are excited about the launch of our new livestreaming e-commerce service, which offers significant advantages for our consumers and the Chinese economy as a whole," said Philip Kuai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dada Group. "Dada Group has played a critical role in expanding the Chinese online economy and digitizing traditionally offline retail platforms. The initial feedback received during our recent livestreaming pilot events has been incredibly positive and we see tremendous potential for this service to further change the way brands, retailers and consumers interact."

About Dada Group

Founded in 2014, Dada Group is China's leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform. With a vision to "Bring People Everything On Demand," Dada Group operates through two complementary business platforms: Dada Now and JDDJ.

Dada Now is China's leading local on-demand crowdsourcing delivery platform covering more than 2,400 cities and counties. JDDJ is one of China's largest integrated digital solutions providers bringing traditionally offline retailers, such as supermarkets, flower shops and other local stores, online. Dada Now and JDDJ are independent of each other, but they have a highly organic synergies and an overlapping multilateral network. All orders from JDDJ are delivered by Dada Now.

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