Learn How to Flatten the Autism Curve at the World's Largest, Virtual, Free, Autism Summit

LOS ANGELES, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention citing 1 child in 54 with an autism diagnosis, parents, professionals, and members of the public are looking for the latest information on cutting-edge therapies and treatments to help children and adults with autism. To fulfill this need, registration is open for the online AutismOne Virtual Summit, with FREE first-run sessions, running May 20 through May 24, 2020.

Ed Arranga, AutismOne's president and co-founder said, "Children with autism get better, and many recover when given the proper treatments and therapies. When the underlying comorbidities of autism are properly addressed, the individual's body can begin healing, paving the way for improved learning, function, skills, and behavior."

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., will deliver the keynote, Thursday, May 21, joined by over 100 of the world's leading autism experts. The AutismOne Virtual Summit will cover key issues such as ADHD and biomedical research and treatments, as well as the COVID-19 outbreak and much more.

The AutismOne Conference has been the largest and most comprehensive annual autism conference internationally since 2003, covering all domains of concern to the widest range of the autism community.

Experience the virtual person-to-person networking and learning with professionals and parents at the AutismOne Virtual Summit, where science, hope, and recovery meet. LIVE video sessions include real-time question-and-answer portions, small-group networking among attendees, and the most personal virtual experience available, utilizing the latest technologies. Parents, therapists, professionals, and students will have the opportunity to engage in conversations that cultivate meaningful relationships and obtain the skills, knowledge, and certainty to transform the lives of kids and families.

In addition, the Virtual Exhibit Hall will showcase products and services from exhibitors specializing in addressing the specific needs of individuals with autism.

Past attendees say that AutismOne continues to offer the most progressive information on the bigger picture affecting families with autism.

The AutismOne Virtual Summit website has full details about the sessions, exhibit halls, and virtual networking opportunities at this year's event. Interested parties can visit the website at https://AutismOneVirtualSummit.org.

SOURCE AutismOne