Quiero Casa Picks Penetron to Waterproof México City Water Tanks

EAST SETAUKET, N.Y., April 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Humboldt 47 (42 units) and Granjas 135 (103 units) residential developments in México City were inaugurated in February 2020 by Quiero Casa. PENETRON ADMIX provided an optimal, NSF-61-approved waterproofing solution to protect the below-grade water tanks from any leakage or potential pollution from outside sources.

Quiero Casa is a developer and general contractor specializing in residential projects in and around México City. The company's two most recent developments in the capital are a study in contrasts:

    --  Humboldt 47 - Designed by Grinberg Topelson Architects and located in
        the central, historic district of the city, this project comprises 42
        high-end apartments, ranging in size from 54-64 m2 (600-705 square
    --  Granjas 135 - Located in the northeastern corner of México City, the
        103 mid- to low-income apartments are housed in four towers, each six
        floors high and available in 54-64 m2 (600-705 square feet) layouts.

Regardless of the project, dedicated water reservoirs, or cisterns that supply drinking water to a particular housing development, are common in México City. The Humboldt 47 apartments have an 80,000-liter drinking water tank, as well as 12,500-liter stormwater tanks and a 30,000-liter cistern for rainwater. The larger Granjas 135 apartment complex has three drinking water tanks, with capacities of 50,000, 55,000 and 80,000 liters, as well as a 38,000-liter rainwater cistern and a 12,750-liter stormwater tank. The drinking water tanks, cisterns and stormwater tanks are all below-grade.

Difficult Geology Underneath México City

Given the high-water table and challenging soil geology found under México City, the water tanks and cisterns of the Quiero Casa projects demanded a robust waterproofing solution to keep water in the tanks and also protect the tank structures from the outside groundwater seeping into the tanks. In addition, the waterproofing solution for the drinking water tanks required a completely non-toxic and durable waterproofing treatment.

"Until recently, Quiero Casa relied on a combination of exterior topical coatings and membranes to protect below-grade concrete structures and water tanks for their projects," explains Alejandro Muciño, Managing Director of Penetron Mexico. "However, the installation process and costs required to maintain this type of waterproofing solution led their engineers to search for a superior solution."

Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Penetron crystalline materials are NSF-61-certified (i.e. suitable for potable water applications), are completely non-toxic and contain no VOCs. Once added to the mix, PENETRON ADMIX becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix and performs consistently during the life of the concrete. Cemex supplied the ready-mix concrete directly to the construction site, where PENETRON ADMIX was easily added by a Quiero Casa engineer. PENEBAR SW swellable waterstop strips were also used to permanently seal the resulting construction joints in the concrete.

"Switching to an integral, crystalline waterproofing solution for the water tanks helped Quiero Casa save time and money on their latest projects," adds Alejandro Muciño. "It's a solution that we've implemented successfully for drinking water applications across México City - and around the world."

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SOURCE The Penetron Group