CBMM and Boston Metal Announce Partnership to Trial Next-Generation Technology for the Production of Niobium Products

CBMM, the world’s leading supplier of niobium products and technology, and Boston Metal today announced a strategic partnership to trial Boston Metal’s molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) technology for the production of niobium products. Together, the companies will deploy the MOE technology at CBMM’s production plant in Araxá, Brazil with the first commissioning expected later this year.

With this partnership, CBMM and Boston Metal will seek to further advance niobium production efficiency and provide innovative material transformation solutions. CBMM’s leadership in the niobium market is a direct result of decades of research and development investment in niobium processing and its focus on collaborating with customers and partners across the globe to develop better materials.

Boston Metal, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, has developed the patented MOE technology as a platform for the production of a wide variety of alloys. The molten oxide electrolysis technology uses electricity to reduce metals from their oxide form, such as CBMM’s niobium oxide containing raw materials, into high-quality, molten metal products. At its Massachusetts headquarters, Boston Metal is developing MOE for the production of metals and alloys, and with this partnership MOE hardware and Boston Metal personnel will be deployed at CBMM’s headquarters in Araxá, enabling the teams to collaborate closely.

“It is a great honor to partner with such a world-class organization as CBMM. The MOE technology that is being developed by the team at Boston Metal promises a new era in metallurgy and in CBMM we found a partner that shares our fundamental commitment to technology leadership,” said Tadeu Carneiro, Chairman and CEO of Boston Metal.

About CBMM

World leader in the production and commercialization of Niobium products, CBMM has more than 500 customers in over 50 countries. With headquarters in Brazil and offices and subsidiaries in China, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, the company supplies products and technology to the infrastructure, mobility, aerospace and energy sectors. CBMM was founded in 1955 in Araxá, Minas Gerais, and relies on a strong technology program to increase Niobium applications, growing and diversifying this market. In 2019, CBMM entered into a partnership with 2DM, a Singapore-based company dedicated to the production of graphene. CBMM recently intensified its work on the development of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, in partnership with universities, institutes and manufacturers worldwide.

To learn more about CBMM, visit - www.cbmm.com

About Boston Metal

Boston Metal is a global metals technology solutions company that is commercializing molten oxide electrolysis (MOE), a patented tonnage metals production platform. MOE provides the metals industry with a more efficient, lower cost, and greener solution for the production of a wide variety of metals and alloys from a wide variety of feedstocks. Boston Metal works closely with customers to tailor the MOE technology for specific alloys, feedstocks, and business needs.

To learn more about Boston Metal, visit – www.bostonmetal.com