AweSun Enables Remote Support for Mobile Devices with Remote Desktop Solutions

NEW YORK, May 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AweRay, a leader in remote access and remote support solutions, with its main product, AweSun Remote Desktop, announces remote support for mobile devices has been enabled.

The firm has been committed to providing remote desktop services to users worldwide with remote connectivity needs; its users range from remote workers, technical support, freelancers to digital nomads as well as businesses with remote support demands.

Before expanding support to mobile devices, AweSun has offered remote desktop and remote work solutions to help users when they have to get or offer remote support. It allows its users to remotely access a computer from a local computer or mobile device - anywhere, anytime.

The Free version of AweSun offers a wide variety of features and solutions that covers most remote support demands. All users have full access to its powerful features such as remote desktop, file transfer, screen mirroring, multi-concurrent session, whiteboard, blank screen, session recording, text chatting, synchronized clipping, etc.

For users with more advanced needs, they can also find what they want in AweSun's higher plans: Pro and Game subscriptions. AweSun Pro supports remote CMD which enables users to perform operations using commands remotely. Game players may find the Game version a great choice, AweSun Game includes features such as Bluetooth device connection and keyboard customization, enabling users to remotely play a PC game on their mobile devices.

The Pro and Game services are available for a first-purchase discount. AweSun provides an unlimited subscription plan that allows users to choose a monthly subscription.

AweSun now empowers its users to remotely access their mobile devices. With AweSun mobile device support, users can fix mobile device issues quickly, from their computers, smartphone or tablets. Support requesters just need the AweSun Client app installed on their mobile devices. This is a great solution for users who want to assist their family, friends, or clients with phone setup, app installation, or troubleshooting.

Users can enjoy this advanced feature for free for one year. "Given the current situation when people worldwide are fighting a hard battle, we want our users to feel our care and support," said Joseph, CEO of AweRay.

AweSun's support for mobile devices is introduced with multiple enhancements, such as improved UI and optimized connection speed and stability.

"Everyone at AweRay is dedicated to empowering our users to offer or get remote support anytime, anywhere. Our newly-added remote support for mobile devices is just a small step in our long journey. Just stay tuned for more surprises," said Joseph.

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