Enable HealthCare Inc. Selects LiveCare Link+ as Its Main Remote Patient Monitoring Gateway Hub During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NEW YORK, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveCare and Enable HealthCare Inc. announced today that they have reached a cooperation agreement making the LiveCare Link+ Home Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Gateway the preferred provider of RPM services for Enable HealthCare's patients.

"We are excited about having our patients using the Link+ by LiveCare as their home RPM Gateway," said Enable HealthCare Chief Executive Officer Peter Silas. "Especially during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic when patients have limited access to their providers, the Link+ plays an important role by connecting all our home medical devices to a centralized platform."

The Link+ RPM Gateway serves as a patient's home medical hub, centralizing core health services through a wireless, 4G-enabled device that is automatically synched to the patient's provider network. In case of a serious decline in the patient's health condition, the Link+ can automatically generate an alert to a call center or provider, as well as initiate a video call to connect the patient to any needed emergency services.

Because medical information and diagnostics can be captured and shared remotely by the Link+ RMP Gateway, elderly, disabled, and other high-risk patients connected to the Link+ network are able to avoid traveling to their physician's office or local hospital for non-emergency care, allowing them to avoid potential exposure to Covid-19 and other high-risk environments.

"We are honored and excited to have our Link+ Home RPM Gateway serving the needs of an organization such as Enable HealthCare that has an impressive track record of prioritizing the health of the patients they serve," said Peri Avitan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LiveCare. "This is another milestone in our journey to improve personal health and create a new type of relationship between patients and their healthcare providers during this challenging time."

About LiveCare
LiveCare is leading remote patient monitoring services into the 21st century with Link+, its patented, 4G-enabled RPM Gateway device that integrates core medical services through a proprietary, touch-free, synching process. By consolidating services into a user-friendly device, LiveCare is able to avoid common deployment challenges often faced when monitoring chronic care patients in the at-home setting, thereby improving short- and long-term health outcomes. Additional details about the Link+ Home RPM Gateway are available on the LiveCare website at www.LiveCareUSA.com.

About Enable HealthCare Inc.
Enable HealthCare Inc. (EHI) features a web-based, Electronic Health Record platform that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to centralize a variety of services, including scheduling and managing patient appointments, documenting patient encounters, streamlining clinical workflow, scanning paper records, connecting to clinical laboratories and pharmacies, automating billing and payment follow-up, and delivering analytics and intelligent reporting functions. operate effectively and successfully in managed care. EHI manages and provides technology solutions for nearly 700 chapters/affiliates in 39 states, with more than 300,000 affiliated physicians.

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