Agari Gives CISOs the Upper Hand in Fight Against Chronic Phishing and BEC Attacks

FOSTER CITY, Calif., May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agari, the market share leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise, today unveiled Agari Active Defense(TM) with a new service that delivers actionable threat intelligence driven through active engagement with Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat actors. This new offering from Agari was introduced in the opening CEO keynote today at Trust 2020, the next-generation email security conference hosted by Agari.

Agari Active Defense - BEC Threat Intelligence Service is the only commercial offering on the market that delivers real-world cyber intelligence harvested from direct active engagements with email fraudsters attacking and scamming organizations. The unique offering is delivered as a sustained service using advanced automation tools and reporting pioneered by the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID).

"Agari Active Defense feeds a previously unmet need for deeper BEC threat intelligence that was not possible to deliver at scale until now," said Patrick R. Peterson, founder and CEO, Agari. "Through our own ACID threat intelligence resources, we have been incubating this offering for several quarters, enlisting the help of global customers to design and perfect the service. We anticipate that the unique insights only available through our new BEC Threat Intelligence Service can help mitigate costly BEC attacks and significantly reduce the downstream effect of money laundering."

Through this new offering, information security organizations globally now have access to:

    --  Insight into the specific types of BEC attacks targeting the workforce;
    --  Detailed information about the most targeted and most impersonated
        employees within their company;
    --  Deep intelligence about threat actors behind BEC attacks;
    --  Visibility into money mule accounts used in BEC attacks against their

"Agari's unique expertise and unmatched visibility into the BEC attack chain is why enterprise security and fraud prevention teams have come to rely on us to deliver insights they just can't get anywhere else," Peterson said. "Today's launch is yet another example of Agari's heritage of listening to the needs of CISOs and then trailblazing solutions that they can action immediately."

Agari Active Defense - BEC Threat Intelligence is available starting today. Additional resources include:

    --  Watch Patrick R. Peterson's Keynote at Trust 2020
    --  Visit the Agari Active Defense service offering page
    --  Watch the latest Agari Cyber Intelligence Division webinar

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Agari is the market share leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise. Through applied science, the Agari Identity Graph(TM) delivers valuable business context to every email risk decision. Agari ensures outbound email from the enterprise cannot be spoofed, increasing deliverability and preserving brand integrity. It also protects the workforce from devastating inbound BEC, VEC, spearphishing, and account takeover-based attacks, reducing business risk and restoring trust to the inbox. Learn more at

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