Leading local HR technology solutions company Aliro to offer free talent matching services in response to COVID-19

BRYN MAWR, Pa., May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading human resources technology company Aliro is stepping up to respond to the massive economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, announcing today that it is offering its unique talent-matching services to Delaware Valley businesses at no cost for the next 90 days.

This new program is designed to help employees displaced by mandated business closures to find new opportunities in growing fields.

While some industries, like hospitality and entertainment, are shedding jobs, others, including health care and logistics, must quickly scale up to provide essential services.

Aliro's proprietary talent-matching system is perfectly positioned to help match prospective employees to essential businesses, helping to mitigate the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Aliro's platform may be accessed free for the next 90 days by employers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York who need to hire additional team members, companies interested in assisting with employee outplacement, organizations seeking volunteers and those who are unemployed or underemployed.

"We are proud to be able to step up to do what we can to help people come together," said Aliro CEO Robert Archibald. "I believe our world class talent-matching platform will be an incredible resource for those in need of a new opportunity. Aliro's focus is helping talent meet its match, and we will continue to help people find the best match, both during and after this crisis."

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a new challenge to employers and job seekers alike. The increased volume of people flooding traditional job boards makes it more difficult for employers to identify quality talent.

Aliro's software will assist by leveraging referrals through established employee connections and helping employers rediscover talent already in their networks - resulting in the best match for each open position. Employers are able to customize the platform for any type of position they may be hiring, whether it be a salaried or an hourly position, full time, part time, or a contractor. Non-profits gearing up to respond to the deep societal impacts of the crisis will also be able to use the portal to identify volunteers.

"Our program is also geared toward employers who have had to displace workers as a result of the pandemic," Archibald said. "These companies will be able to provide impacted employees with Aliro's matching platform as part of their out-placement services - and will be able to track their progress at identifying other employment opportunities."

At the same time, this program will aid in the economic recovery, enabling companies to quickly gear up hiring as stay-at-home orders are gradually relaxed.

Applicants hired through referrals or personal connections consistently have better retention rates. By using the data and resources that employers already have, Aliro is able to assist in discovering and rediscovering talent more quickly through an intelligent matching process that delivers higher-quality applicants to employers. Aliro is also able to leverage its own extensive network and enables easy referrals through the use of intuitive tools that permit people to share job opportunities with applicants using smartphone and social media tools.

Since its founding in 2016, Bryn Mawr-based Aliro has been helping job seekers meet their match. Employers can sign up for the COVID-19 relief program by visiting www.onaliro.com.

About Aliro

Aliro is a Bryn Mawr, Pa.-based company that provides customers with an advanced SaaS employment platform that combines our AI-matching engine with robust capabilities that streamline talent acquisition. The patented Aliro platform leverages our AliroMatch capabilities to ID and automatically engage the right candidates for the right roles, cutting down on time spent doing this manually and allowing recruiters and hiring managers to get back to connecting with qualified candidates which improves everyone's experience. Aliro's goal is to help companies connect to talent in a new and innovative way by helping them rediscover top talent inside existing databases, such as an ATS or CRM and facilitate new talent discovery by supplementing the candidate pool by pulling in new candidates from referrals, veteran communities/referrals and even your inbound applicants. For more information on Aliro visit OnAliro.com.

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