New Patented Device Allows Homeowners to Self-Monitor Existing Security Systems with No Monthly Fee

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- uSecureProp, LLC wants to make home security monitoring a thing of the past. The Jacksonville, Fl. Based company recently received U.S. and International Patents for a simple and elegant self-monitoring solution.

uSecureProp, LLC has developed and patented two unique home/biz security systems, devices and methods, addressing the markets of a) homes and businesses with an existing wired alarm security system and b) the under-served markets of apartments and condominiums.

             1)             uSecureHome I: this device attaches to
                             any wired Existing Home or Business
                             security systems. Once connected, YOU
                             receive a call, a text and an e-mail
                             when the alarm is triggered, instead
                             of the monitoring company! The
                             features include the ability to be
                             powered from the existing alarm panel
                             battery or by direct power adapter/

             2)             uSecureHome II: is a free-standing
                             version of uSecure I, with plug and
                             play ability. Simply plug in the
                             power adapter, follow the
                             registration instructions and you
                             have a fully autonomous home security
                             system that you can use anywhere:
                             home, apartment, condominium or
                             office! When the alarm is triggered
                             YOU will receive a call, a text and
                             an e-mail. Operation and settings
                             are controlled by customer's
                             smartphone (app for Android and
                             iPhone are are free).

Both uSecure I and II are self-monitoring solutions which use the customer's own Wi-Fi to send security related alerts directly from our secure network to a smartphone. The process eliminates the need for an alarm monitoring service - which is only a middleman - by performing this function without monthly or annual fees and contracts! Considering that most U.S. homeowners pay, on average $35.00 monthly for alarm monitoring service, uSecureProp notes that its units will pay for itself in less than three months. These products have the potential to become a huge disruptor for the multibillion-dollar monitoring sector.


What do monitoring companies do when they receive an alarm notice? They call the first phone number associated with that customer. That process typically takes up to a minute...uSecure's approach practically eliminates any delay by pushing an alert to one or more pre-selected mobile phones. These alerts are typically received within 1-2 seconds. Users also receive notifications by text and e mail message. When a registered smartphone receives an alert, uSecureProp app launches and provides information about the alert and provides a screen with shortcuts to call 911 and up to (3) pre-stored back -up numbers.


This product allows alerts to be send to alternate recipients to serve as an escalation list. Escalated notifications would be sent if the primary recipient does not respond to the initial alert within a specified time. The app screen also provides a bill on that the primary user can press to send alerts out to the alternate number(s). The system includes monitoring of the customer's Wi-Fi, send notifications when wi-fi is interrupted, encrypted communications between device and back-end servers, send updates via wi-fi and auto configure to the customer's alarm panel (uSecure I)

The units have passed Beta testing and are now in production for delivery of uSecure I (2/3Q2020) and uSecure II (3/4Q2020)

Don't delay - cut out the middleman and Save - take control of your own home security.

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