Opendock Dock Scheduling Software Plays a Critical Role in the Supply Chain as the Economy Begins to Reopen

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- From growers having to destroy entire harvests to toilet paper distributors having to work around the clock, the current global pandemic has completely disrupted the supply chain.

The supply chain operates with a delicate balance among manufacturers, distributors, carriers, and retailers. If any component experiences even a small hiccup, the entire chain is impacted. For example, we've now had a shortage of truck drivers for years. That has elevated carrier rates to shippers and has created downstream supply shortages.

But when elements of the supply chain come to an abrupt stop, the disruption is more like an earthquake than a hiccup. That's exactly what has happened as a result of the pandemic. Restaurant closures have decimated the manufacturers, farmers, and distributors that serve them. Likewise, with bricks and mortar retail shut down, shipping to retailers has almost completely halted.

One representative from a large freight carrier said, "I've never experienced anything like this. One day we can't hire enough drivers, the next day, we're looking at layoffs."

But there appears to be good news on the horizon.

States are now actively moving to reopen businesses - and restaurants and retailers are two of the industries near the top of the list. This has battered supply chain firms breathing a sigh of relief. Most have not seen an impact yet from establishments resuming operations, but they are preparing for the slow march toward normalcy.

As they ready their companies for a return to standard business, many are depending on Opendock to ensure the road back is a smooth one.

"We're excited to witness the role that Opendock is playing as the supply chain recovers. It was built to foster the efficient movement of goods. That ability to keep everything orderly and organized is critical to getting the supply chain back on its feet," said Bob La Loggia, CEO of Opendock.

Opendock is a centralized dock appointment booking platform that brings together carriers, brokers, distributors, 3PLs, and traditional warehouses. It lets freight carriers and brokers book specific pick-up or drop-off times with warehouses. In turn, warehouses use the system to tightly manage dock operations, allowing them to optimize the throughput of goods. Gone are the long lines of trucks and guessing at what resources will be needed and when.

Opendock® is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. All major carriers and brokers use the platform every day, including C.H. Robinson, Echo, JB Hunt, Estes, DHL, and others. Additionally, some of the largest shippers in the world use the system, such as International Paper, Owens & Minor, Cargill, Pepsi, ADM, and more. Over a half a million appointments are booked each month through Opendock.

SOURCE Opendock