Twobird Unveils an All-Purpose Inbox for Essential Everyday Tasks

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, email is reimagined with the launch of Twobird, a consolidated inbox that brings together notes, reminders, collaboration, and email. Twobird comes from the Ginger Labs team responsible for the top-selling note-taking app Notability, trusted by millions of students, families and individuals worldwide. Twobird was built with the same philosophy as Notability--powerful-yet-simple. It is a new, intuitive, and more functional inbox that makes life easier.

"Twobird came from the need for an inbox, something we check everyday, that could empower us to do more. An inbox that not only streamlines our communication, but facilitates focus, enhances collaboration, and unifies our digital lives," said Colin Gilboy, chief engineer at Ginger Labs.

Twobird's clean design interface drops unnecessary elements found in traditional email clients (complex formatting, excess buttons, and repeated signatures) to make the inbox a more effective digital workspace. It introduces versatile notes that can be used for personal checklists and reminders or can be shared to collaborate in real-time. Twobird helps reduce distractions from task switching between apps by bringing together all the necessities for productivity including reminders, notes, communication, and collaboration into one inbox.

"Our team saw an opportunity to build upon the foundation of email to make working with others more dynamic," said Garrett Mitchell, head engineer for Twobird. "The more we can bring together, generally, the better we're able to use information. We built a way to create and share content more easily, in real-time, with Twobird notes inside email."

From writing emails to sharing grocery lists, assigning project tasks, scheduling calendar events or setting reminders for to-dos, Twobird is the inbox where you can tackle everything from one place. With notes inside the inbox, Twobird enables new ways to communicate and collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously. Now users can embed notes directly into email conversations and see everyone's ideas come together in real-time, in context, in a single space.

Twobird features:

    --  Notes: Real-time notes, in your inbox
        --  Share a Twobird note with anyone and bring them into the
        --  Use notes to collaborate on any project with checklists, tables,
            comments, and task assignments
    --  Reminders: Personal productivity tools
        --  Set reminders on emails or notes
        --  Create events and view schedule with integrated calendar (coming
        --  Quickly access Pinned and Recent lists for important notes or
        --  Clear clutter with automatic smart inbox features like Tidy Up, Low
            Priority, and Quick Unsubscribe
    --  Simplification: Clean interface for distraction-free work
        --  Focus on the content that matters without distracting signatures and
            complex formatting
        --  Respond with `@mentions` and emojis, and get to chatting
        --  Read in dark or light mode

To learn more about Ginger Labs visit Twobird is free for download immediately in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Gmail users globally, and Microsoft users soon. Twobird is also accessible at for use in a web browser or for download in free MacOS and Windows apps.

About Ginger Labs
Ginger Labs is a productivity app developer known for its best-selling app, Notability, and now Twobird, an all-purpose inbox. Launched in 2010 with the first release of the iPad, Notability makes digital notes behave like hand-written ones and has been the most popular productivity software on the App Store since 2013, used by over 14 million students and professionals worldwide. Ginger Labs' new app Twobird, elegantly handles emails, notes, reminders, and more in a distraction-free interface. To learn more about Ginger Labs visit

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