Mindworx: Mental Wellness for Your Daily Self-Care Routine

NEW YORK, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mindworx(TM), a NYC-based integrative mental wellness center due to open late 2020, is pre-launching its virtual wellness center, yourmindworx.com, to provide help now for those suffering from anxiety, depression and myriad other mental health issues. Services are available nationwide and are developed with the millennial patient in mind.

Self-care is more than a buzzword for the millennial-minded. This generation is the first to prioritize arguably the most important aspect of self-care: mental wellness. With this in mind, the Mindworx concept was developed as a unique center designed to help people achieve ultimate mental wellness. Mindworx comprises an unparalleled combination of traditional and holistic practices that helps individuals to talk, feel, move and heal their way to mental wellness.

"It has been my dream for years to open a center that provides all of these services under one roof with practitioners who collaborate and communicate to give the best care possible," says Dr. Lisa Berman, Medical Director of Mindworx. "Therapy is an incredibly powerful experience, but developing life satisfaction, fulfillment, and resilience requires more tools. Mindworx was born out of that idea."

Mindworx was due to open their first wellness center in NYC this Spring, a spa-like setting designed to provide mental health services with the same ease of scheduling as booking a spin class or a massage. The Mindworx virtual center (www.yourmindworx.com), open now, offers telepsychiatry, individual and group therapy and individual and group coaching. Alongside these services, online mindful practices such as yoga, meditation, wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, and workshops are also available. Mindworx practitioners are a part of a team that provides a truly collaborative approach to mental wellness, and all services can be scheduled with just a few clicks. When it is appropriate and safe to open our center, it will be a supportive community and a place for mental wellness and deep healing.

Mindworx is a safe, judgment-free space that focuses on removing stigma and replacing loneliness with a sense of community. "As a kid, going to my therapist felt disconnected from the rest of my life. I always felt alone," says David Amdurer, Mindworx co-founder. "I wanted to create a place that felt like a community. It was important to me that Mindworx felt easy and accessible while also joining all of the things in life that help each of us feel mentally stronger."

In commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Mindworx is offering free mental wellness workshops and classes for individuals and businesses to help manage the anxiety and isolation caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, Mindworx offers free group therapy for frontline healthcare workers.

Mindworx plans to open their Manhattan location in late 2020, when it's safe to do so for patients and team members alike. In the meantime, the Mindworx team is at www.yourmindworx.com.

Contact: press@yourmindworx.com

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