Kord Wins Nunn-Perry Award from DoD Office of Small Business Programs

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kord, a Centauri company, announced today that it has been selected to receive an FY2019 Nunn-Perry Award, alongside Raytheon Company, by the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). The prestigious award recognizes Kord's superb performance as a participant in the OSBP Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP).

The Nunn-Perry Awards are presented to recognize Mentor-Protégé teams who have demonstrated exemplary effort in providing products and services to our warfighters. This year eleven Mentor-Protégé teams participated in the competition and six were selected.

"[Kord's] performance during FY19 has truly made an impact on the Departments Industrial Base and Technology Transfer," said Shannon C. Jackson, associate director of the Mentor-Protégé Program.

Kord joined the program in 2017 as a protégé to Raytheon Missile Systems in support of Missile Defense Agency. Kord was acquired by Centauri in 2019. This year, Raytheon and Kord are further advancing capabilities and Infrastructure through the Mentor Protégé Agreement.

"Raytheon's mentorship contributed, in tandem with our investments and technology insertion for our Advanced Materials Lab, to generating capability for the warfighter in hypersonic defense," said Lisa Dobson, VP of Missile Defense, Cyber and Intel. "We want to thank Raytheon for their support in being our mentor."

The program contributed to Kord's rapid growth and advanced technology development. During the Mentor Protégé Agreement, Kord achieved goals for CMMI L3, ISO 2001:2015 certification, and AS9100 Certification. The program also provided a model for success in expansion, leadership and corporate training.

The OSBP Mentor-Protégé Program is the oldest continuously operating federal mentor-protégé program in existence. Originally established in the midst of the First Gulf War, the MPP helps eligible small businesses expand their footprint in the defense industrial base.

About Kord:
Kord, a Centauri company, is an integrated defense and aerospace company creating results for our clients in a fast-changing world. Kord delivers an extensive portfolio of directed energy, missile defense, space, cyber, and defense technology to Federal Government customers across the United States.

About Centauri:
Centauri is a high-end engineering, intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions company headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia with offices Nationwide. We work with our customers in the intelligence and national security communities, helping them solve their most difficult challenges. Our agile, mission-first approach empowers our advanced technical and operational teams to meet the real-time demands and high-impact missions of national defense agencies across land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace.

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