Aery Aviation, LLC ('Aery') Awarded Multiple VVIP Wide Body Interior/Galley Reconfiguration Upgrade Project

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aery Aviation, LLC ("Aery") has been awarded a multiple wide-body V-VIP upgrade program for Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft by an undisclosed global client this week. This awarded project comes from a long-time client of Aery with requirements to modernize its extensive V-VIP aircraft fleet. As one part of this project, Aery will introduce a ground-breaking V-VIP aircraft galley water system solution, which converts an existing galley potable water source system to a fresh (bottled) water system. Aery will design, engineer, install, and certify the new systems being installed to the customer specification. "This important project provides our valued customer with the modern upgrades it desires with Aery's turnkey solution and minimal interruption to its flight department operations," commented Scott Beale, Vice President of Aery.

Aery will complete all design, engineering, manufacturing, and the kit buildup from its Newport News, Virginia corporate headquarters. The installation and certification will be completed by an Aery "Go Team" that will install and modify the galley at the customer's facility to mitigate costs of relocating the aircraft. Aery has designed these multiple significant aircraft modifications to ensure minimal downtime for the customer's fleet. Aery estimates less than 30 days per aircraft to complete the project.

Aery Aviation, LLC is a full-service commercial and government services provider of aerospace design, engineering, systems integration, modifications, certification, maintenance, and flight operations solutions that support critical aviation mission requirements for domestic and foreign governments and select corporations and individuals in the private sector. Aery's experienced team of professionals provides efficient, economical, and flexible services that respond to the most challenging demands facing the aerospace industry today. Aery's commitment to safety, compliance, and security has earned it a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking aviation companies worldwide. Aery is headquartered in Newport News, Virginia and is deployed globally to meet clients' needs.

Founded in 2016 by a team with over 200 hundred years of combined aviation experience, Aery's drive to dream, innovate, and inspire has fueled our rapid growth and diversity. Together, the Aery Team has developed over 100 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) with over 200 projects, and more than 500 airworthiness releases.

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