New Amazon Ad Reports and Campaign Structuring Now Available Only From Sidecar

PHILADELPHIA, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sidecar continues to cement its leadership position in helping retailers bolster their Amazon Advertising approach. The company has enhanced its Sidecar for Amazon solution with exclusive new capabilities that drive more custom ad campaign structuring and reporting otherwise unavailable from the Amazon ad platform.

Sidecar for Amazon is powered by advanced AI and natural language processing. The solution helps retailers apply data-driven strategies and proven best practices to drive significant revenue from Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display Ads. Sidecar's technology automates manual management, streamlines reporting, and leverages the company's marketing expertise to unlock new opportunities for retailers on the Amazon Advertising platform.

Retailers and brands have seen measurable gains in performance and profitability on Amazon ads since Sidecar debuted its solution last September. Sidecar customers on average realize increases in ad (67%) and marketplace (13%) revenue, while boosting conversions by 12% and lowering ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) by 20%.

Additionally, many retailers that have adopted Sidecar for Amazon in the past eight months have also adopted other Sidecar solutions to drive cohesive, cross-channel digital marketing strategy across search, social, and marketplaces. These use cases have continued to attract the retail industry's attention.

New features and capabilities in Sidecar for Amazon include:

    --  Nested Campaign Structure: Available exclusively from Sidecar, this
        feature gives retailers the ability to implement nested ad campaigns, a
        game-changing addition to Amazon's native campaign structure. While
        Amazon supports one level of hierarchy (the ad group level), Sidecar
        creates both ad groups and nested groups, and dynamically manages them
        as data accrues in retailers' accounts, ensuring that campaign structure
        is always driving forward to meet and exceed goals. What "product
        groups" are to Google Ads, "nested groups" are to Sidecar's approach to
        Amazon ads.
    --  Attribute Analyzer: Retailers seeking to discover reasons for macro
        trends in their accounts have struggled with Amazon's reporting
        capabilities as they do not efficiently aggregate required reports and
        statistics. Sidecar has addressed this issue by developing an Attribute
        Analyzer which enables retailers to explore trends across their catalog
        so that they can improve the campaign performance and customer
    --  Target and Match Types: Sidecar has also addressed an additional
        reporting limitation within the Amazon platform. Based on restrictions
        in the Amazon UI, retailers have been unable to accurately see how a
        single target or match type performs across a campaign or account.
        Sidecar has added a reporting enhancement that allows retailers to view
        how a target type or match type is performing across all ad groups and
        campaigns in aggregate.

"Sidecar is on a path to accelerate the timeline by which retailers have access to critical features that make Amazon Advertising viable for their business," said Mike Perekupka, Senior Product Manager for Sidecar. "It's no secret that Amazon represents a massive revenue opportunity for many retail businesses, yet its ad platform remains nascent. Retailers and brands are anxiously seeking ways to increase the platform's robustness, and we are directly addressing those needs."

Sidecar for Amazon complements the company's line of cross-channel solutions, which includes support for shopping and paid search campaigns on Google and Bing, as well as ad campaigns across social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Sidecar offers performance marketing excellence to retailers and brands. Sidecar's advanced technology and proprietary data, combined with years of performance marketing expertise, help its customers unlock the full potential of today's most powerful search, shopping, social, and marketplace channels.

Mark Tordik

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