Virtual training in optical networking for IT and telecommunication professionals

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- FiberGuide has announced the introduction of virtual Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) training for optical network planners, designers, operation personnel and other professionals in the IT and telecommunication industries. The first virtual class has been scheduled for July 27, 2020. Those interested are encouraged to register online or request more information from the CONA class request page.

In response to COVID-19, FiberGuide has indefinitely postponed their regular face-face optical networking classes, usually hosted in Washington, D.C. The virtual training is intended to substitute and mimic the face-face classes. The instructor for the virtual class will facilitate the training from a facility equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment and redundant ultra-high-speed connections to the Internet. The setup allows for reliable 2-way audio and video communications between the instructor and remote peers, enabling valuable interactions. The combination of the videoconferencing equipment and ZOOM videoconferencing service is expected to enhance delegate learning processes, including grouping delegates in breakout rooms and one on one interactions between a delegate and instructor.

While FiberGuide is taking all the necessary measures to deliver high quality virtual training from their end, the devices and Internet access used by delegates to connect remotely to the class can have a profound impact on the quality of their training experience. Interested persons are encouraged to view system and connectivity recommendations for the best training experience.

Developed by Optical Technology Training (OTT), CONA is an intense 5-day training course in optical networking and is highly recommended for current and aspiring optical network engineers. This introductory course to optical networking focuses on networks that use single channel or multiple channels using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) for up to 10Gbps per channel and up to 88 channels. Such networks include metro networks, core networks, mobile backhaul, 5G backhaul, Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) cell tower, Data Centre Interconnect (DCI), National Research and Education Networks (NREN), terrestrial Satcom links to and from Satellite earth stations, or dark fiber links and long haul systems that also use fiber optic amplifiers. Variants of WDM, such as SWDM, CWDM and DWDM are covered.

All other topics in optical networking such as fiber optics and cabling, passive components, dispersion management, optical amplifiers, transceivers, network testing, modulation formats, transmission systems and many more are covered. Delegates who pass a project assignment and theoretical evaluation will be CONA certified and will also be awarded IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs) certificates.

Delegates who successfully complete CONA have the option to take the more advanced Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) course. CONE tackles the requirements for designing high performance networks for higher speed transmission (100G, 400G, 800G and higher). It addresses more advanced network concepts such as coherent systems, software defined networking and digital signal processing.

Delegates who complete optical network training courses from OTT can benefit from online resources and networking opportunities with other certified professionals. They may also get a 30-day free license and technical support for Optiwave optical modeling software.

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