Kovair Releases It's New Kubernetes Plug-In for It's DevOps

SAN RAMON, Calif., May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Kovair Software, one of the leaders in the software tools integration domain, today announced the release of its new Kubernetes plug-in for the Kovair DevOps Solution. Kovair DevOps https://www.kovair.com/devops/ in conjunction with it's award-winning Omnibus, supports Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enablement. This enterprise-class automation solution helps to reduce time to market and leverage the benefits of Kubernetes environment and clusters with end-to-end automation of the build-test-deploy cycle. It also provides a comprehensive workflow orchestration for better, faster and higher quality software development.

"This release of Kubernetes plug-in will enable Development, QA and Operations personnel deploy to their preferred container infrastructure or cluster manager solution in Kubernetes without requiring any knowledge about the underlying integrations. The combined offering of Kovair DevOps and Omnibus will allow teams to coordinate and manage a mix of monolithic application and modern microservices based application releases across legacy or continuous delivery pipelines, into both on-premise and cloud environments." stated Bipin Shah Chairman and CEO of Kovair Software.

Kovair DevOps delivers concurrent task based pipelines for orchestration of release activities, build & deployment automation functions and real-time analytics that are designed to meet the unique needs of implementing continuous delivery. This helps companies manage applications deployed in the heterogeneous environments like on premise or in the Edge Cloud, or within the Megaplex Clouds.

Other Critical capabilities as offered by Kovair DevOps include:

    --  Creation, orchestration, and management of complex software release
        pipelines, of Kubernetes deployments, with process adherence and
        configurations through task based configurable pipelines, that can be
        made concurrent, within a drag-and-drop workflow editor.
    --  Email based management of defined pipelines allowing users to start,
        stop or obtain live status of a pipeline from their E-Mail, ideal for
        Teleworkers to work-from-home.
    --  Execution of both automated and manual tasks, on-demand, as part of the
        DevOps pipeline flow, for all Kubernetes solutions, with complete
        Project Lifecycle Management.
    --  Execution of custom commands managing dependency between custom
        applications, system commands and microservices across the complete
        Continuous Delivery pipeline.
    --  Execution of Tasks on any host removing the dependency of having every
        tool in one single server, and allowing for hybrid multi-cloud
    --  In-depth visibility into release pipeline and progress across all
        environments for all teams in a real-time manner through pre-defined
        reports and dashboards.
    --  Deployments across multiple environments - cloud, VMs, containers, and
        traditional environments having any operating systems.
    --  Initial Set of Plug-Ins offered by Kovair with this launch covers tools
        from both Open source community as well as commercial vendors as
        mentioned below.

JIRA, ANT, TFS, Dynatrace, Kubernetes, ServiceNow, Docker, JFrog, SonarQube, Slack, Maven, Jenkins, Github, Selenium, Azure Cloud, MS Build, Ansible, Microservices, Custom Command (Details - https://www.kovair.com/devops/devops-plugin/)

"Kovair DevOps with Kubernetes support will provide a form of rapid software delivery centered around the concept of continuous delivery pipelines achieved through automation of different activities involved in the delivery cycle. With this launch, Kovair will now start offering a full Enterprise DevOps workflow to its prospects and customers, and stay updated with our regular updates on Kovair DevOps." stated Amit Dasgupta, Director of Products and Solutions Management at Kovair Software.

Kovair Omnibus
The silo'ed Enterprise Software Bus (ESB) vendors of the past include vendors like Mulesoft, Tibco, MSFT, Oracle who have traditionally provided "plumbing" between applications, whereby expert developers are needed to deploy with. Gartner in it's report entitled: "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service" cautioned vendors like Mulesoft, Tibco, Oracle for their reliance on experts, where they state: "Buyers generally don't associate these vendors with support for nontechnical integrator roles, due to the vendor's established use by integration specialists."

"The new world we are in now requires newer holistic solutions offering broader offerings: drag-and-drop development, and deployment, hybrid multi-cloud platform support for data and analytics, with disaster-recovery built-in, IoT solution support, process compliance dashboards for remote teleworkers, smart machine deployment and other scenarios like complete project lifecycle management," stated Akshay Sharma, CTO, Kovair Software, Former Sr. Analyst, Gartner Research."

Additionally, Kovair's Omnibus https://www.kovair.com/omnibus-integration/, which was awarded a Gartner Cool Vendor award, is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based proprietary integration middleware with built-in security, resiliency, multi-cloud enablement, and has the capability of integrating with 110+ ALM and IT tools from multiple vendors and Open sources. It supports "one click" deployments.

"CIOs and Software Architects of Enterprises embarking on Digital Transformation projects should explore Kovair's DevOps & Omnibus, along with their DevSecOps-based solutions as they re-vector to newer hybrid multi-cloud datacenters offering newer services: with security vulnerability assessments built-in," stated Akshay Sharma, CTO, Kovair Software, Former Sr. Analyst, Gartner Research."

About Kovair:
Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software product company specializing in the domain of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and supports global software development and management. Kovair's focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed ALM tools with its Omnibus enables creation of applications in a synchronized tools environment.

Kovair's flagship products https://www.kovair.com/our-products/ Omnibus Integration Platform, ALM Studio, and QuickSync are highly preferred solutions by some of the major corporations globally. This announcement now adds Enterprise Class DevOps and Kubernetes to the Kovair portfolio of products.

Please contact sales(at)Kovair(dot)com for an immediate demonstration of this capability.

Press Contacts at Kovair:
USA and Europe:
Akshay Sharma, CTO at Kovair Software
Email: asharma(at)Kovair(dot)com

India and Asia:
Amit Dasgupta, Director - Products and Solutions at Kovair Software
Email: amitd(at)Kovair(dot)com

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