Bone Foam Inc Focuses on Provider Safety Within the Dental Industry

CORCORAN, Minn., May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In response to COVID-19, changes in industry standards for both dental patients and providers have been extensive: the waiting room is now the parking lot, interaction with front office staff is minimized, there is more emphasis on preventive measures such as pre-visit screenings, prophylactic mouthwashes, body temperature readings, and most importantly, increased PPE for dental practitioners - gowns worn over scrubs, surgical bonnets, N95 masks, and protective face shields are the new norm.

Thankfully, times of uncertainty and change often inspire innovation and efficiency across industries. As stewards of public health and patient/provider safety, Bone Foam Inc. is an orthopaedic medical device company that has allocated some resources to improving the safety of providers and patients within the dental industry. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased across the country and many dental and orthopaedic practices faced PPE scarcity, Bone Foam Inc. looked for ways to protect their providers and get them back to work safely. Bone Foam has redesigned standard face shields to accommodate the loupes and protective eyewear for dental providers and engineered a new design that provides access to dental headlights without having to adjust the face shield. The new design utilizes a foam seal incorporated into a cutout in the plastic shield for the headlight on the loupes to traverse.

Most Dentists utilize magnification loupes in their daily practice for two reasons. First, vision is drastically enhanced when working in such tight spaces which improves their ability to make more accurate and complete diagnoses. Secondly, loupes improve the physiologic posture and anatomical alignment of the spine of Dentists and Dental Hygienist during procedures. Loupes are vital for precision and are used from patient to patient.

The new Protective Face Shield for Headlights from Bone Foam, is a way for Dentists to not only protect their eyes, mouth, nose, and mask from flying debris, spatter, droplets and aerosol sprays, but also to provide sufficient room for their loupes without sacrificing facial coverage. Additionally, the patent pending headlight design conforms around the headlight extension to reduce exposure to airborne contaminants. An early adopter of the new face shield, Dr. Janet Parsons, DDS reports, "Having never worn a face shield prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bone Foam's Protective Face Shield - Headlight version has been a smooth transition for me. The shield is comfortable and secure to wear. Its best features are its length and that it allows me to use my dental loupes and light. Having the light with the curing filter on the outside was a priority to me."

About Bone Foam

Bone Foam Inc. is an orthopaedic industry leader in medical grade foam positioners that are utilized in hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers around the world. Bone Foam is focused on discovering and developing innovations in patient positioning that are mutually beneficial to surgeons, medical staff, and patients. During these uncertain times, Bone Foam has been dedicating its resources to PPE supplies and the safety of patients and providers, specifically within the dental industry.

SOURCE Bone Foam Inc.