tourHQ Launches Online Experiences to Meet the Wanderlust for People in Lockdown

HONG KONG, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic has completely brought everyone's travel plans to a standstill. This has been hard not only on the travelers who have seen their plans disrupted but has been a bigger blow to the tour guides who formed the backbone of the in-destination services for the travelers.

With this in mind, tourHQ has introduced "tourHQ Online Experiences". These are live, interactive experiences that can be enjoyed online from the comfort and safety of one's homes. The concept is to have the traveler virtually travel with personalized, live attention from the host, keeping in line with tourHQ's philosophy of providing personalized services. These online experiences are quite varied and seek to appeal to most of the aspects that travelers would gain from their travels; detailed tours of city attractions, introduction to local culture through dance and song, and even an indulgence in local food from around the world. The highlight here is that most of the tours are not virtual tours but real experiences via ZOOM call where the hosts actually go out and do the tour in real time! For instance, travelers can book a safari in Zambia (USD 35 per person), where the guide will personally do a game drive while live streaming online. Clients can see what the guide sees, and have a live interaction with the guide, thereby almost transporting them to the destination.

Similarly, live, interactive walks in places such as San Juan (USD 15 per person), Bogota (USD 10 per person), Thimphu (USD 20 per person) or even Fukuoka (USD 15 per person), transports the traveler virtually via a Zoom call to these locations, where a qualified local guide will guide them through the highlights of the city, making impromptu diversions to indulge the traveler's points of interests and share interesting anecdotes along the way.

Some travelers are finding this as an attractive means to explore a city before planning a trip there. Ashton Barley is planning a trip to Germany next year and wanted to determine how much time he should spend in Berlin or whether or not he should go there at all. He booked the Berlin driving tour and was able to see the highlights of the city, which gave him a good idea of how much time he should spend there when he visits next year; and he definitely will, given his guide's tips on all there is to see and do.

Others particularly enjoy the personal connection they are able to make with the locals. For instance, the "Drink Vodka in Authentic Russian Style" tour is popular with friends who get together virtually on a zoom call with tourHQ guide Alexander, who conducts a guided Vodka drinking session full of anecdotes and stories about Vodka in Russia. Mariam Paz, who used to travel frequently on work to her London head office, signed up her husband for the walking tour of the Tower Bridge to share her experiences with him.

The Online Experiences promise to be a win-win situation for all. While travelers get to have an experience up and close, they support the locals. These online experiences will be able to provide these guides with a viable source of income whilst in lockdown and even in the future. The logic here is that people's travel habits will change in the longer run as they come to terms with new realities of post Covid life. For one, little is known about the Coronavirus, and given that the elderly are disproportionately affected, this age group will need to specifically reconsider their travel plans for the foreseeable future, till at least there is an accepted cure as a safety net. More significantly, these experiences are so economically priced, that rather than wait to physically do so, people who love to travel can invest in many an experience without feeling the pinch. Gaurav Kumar, the co-founder of tourHQ says "Most of the activities have been priced around the price of a movie ticket. For example, you can go for a walk around Old Jerusalem for just USD 10 per person. The guide will even take you personally to pay your respects at the Wailing Wall. This same tour would normally cost at least 5 times this price if you were to book in person. This makes it a compelling alternative to any entertainment that people may consider. At the same time, this income will go a long way to help tour guides sustain their livelihood"

With over 30,000 guides in over 5000 locations worldwide, tourHQ is working with many of its members to come up with unique experiences for travelers to see the world, online.

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