10 Virginia Community Colleges Launch A Gateway For Employers To Post Jobs And Reach Their Students And Alumni, For Free

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Virginia employers seeking job-ready talent now have a FREE resource to post jobs: the Virginia Community Colleges Jobs Consortium website, powered by College Central Network, Inc. (CCN).

The CollegeCentral.com/vaccjobs website makes it both FREE and easy for all employers--large and small, public and private--to register just once and then post an unlimited number of jobs to Virginias's community college students and alumni! This is an extraordinarily useful resource for employers hiring in today's climate, even with temporarily closed or restricted campuses, and students having to return home.

Employers posting jobs today can simultaneously reach tens of thousands of job seekers from 10 community colleges, including Central Virginia Community College, Germanna Community College, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, John Tyler Community College, Patrick Henry Community College, Piedmont Virginia Community College, Rappahannock Community College, Southwest Virginia Community College, Thomas Nelson Community College, and Virginia Western Community College.

"After employers sign up, the power of the Virginia Community Colleges Jobs Consortium provides them with direct access to our state's job-ready talent. Signing up just once gives an employer unlimited posting opportunities statewide!" stated Sarah Jarrett, Career Services Coordinator at Central Virginia Community College.

"The Consortium is straight-forward: Virginia's employers need more workers and the Consortium's member colleges' students are career-ready to meet the demand. The Consortium connects opportunities for skilled students with employers and simplifies the in-state hiring process," Jarrett continued.

According to André Luck, Career Services Manager at Piedmont Virginia Community College, "We are extremely pleased that services are free to all employers. Many other college job boards charge or solicit employers for fees." Luck added, "Employers generally post jobs based upon their proximity to the nearest community colleges. With the Consortium, employers can easily extend their reach. Now, one posting can go statewide or to any combination of regional Virginia community colleges. It's versatile, streamlined, and expected to increase employment opportunities for all state community colleges."

As Marie Hawley, Coordinator, Career & Transfer Services, Germanna Community College said, "Of the many job boards in America, the Virginia Community Colleges Jobs Consortium stands out. There is no dilution of our State's jobs, because our State jobs are separate from any national jobs database. Virginia opportunities remain front and center, focused on both the state's unique workforce needs and Virginia-educated students."

"Employers who post to the Consortium are specifically looking to hire students and alumni who want to work in Virginia," said Robin Beale, Career Counselor at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. "With the vast majority of our community college graduates accepting offers in the state, that makes this a workforce win-win."

Shonny Cooke, Career Services Manager at Virginia Western Community College added, "We lose Virginia college graduates who are often hired by out-of- state employers and relocate out of state. By sharing a common goal--that is, match Virginia's employers with local Virginia college talent--our combined 10 Consortium community colleges both retain and grow our state's workforce!"

With 23 colleges on 40 campuses across the Commonwealth, Virginia's Community Colleges offer employers access to the state's emerging, job-ready talent and to many nearby campuses. 47% of Virginia's undergraduate college students are enrolled at a Virginia community colleges and 228,135 students earn community colleges credits each year.*

According to Joy Miller, CCN's Career Services Central® National Sales Manager, "The Consortium is launching, and at a time when employers need to target timely job postings in response to COVID-19; organizations are looking to hire college students and alumni willing and able to jump in to meet their state's, region's, or city's specific hiring conditions. Virginia's community colleges are well positioned to help their State's economy rebound fast and to quickly fill the State's hiring needs in an era of rapid economic and technological change."

CCN's Career Services Central® is the exclusive online career office management platform for career centers at all schools participating in the Consortium. Joy Miller sums it up: "Community colleges can have a greater impact on the state's economy by removing as many barriers as possible, simplifying the process and allowing employers to easily recruit the state's home-grown entry-level talent. The Virginia Community Colleges Jobs Consortium website does exactly that.

"CCN makes job posting free for all employers. It centralizes the task, so recruiters post just once to reach all Virginia Consortium members' community college talent. These graduates have the skills. They are ready and eager to move directly into the local workforce. And they are who today's employers are looking for."

?* "Let's Get Down to the Numbers," accessed May 15, 2020, ?https://www.vccs.edu/about/#statistics.

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Barbara Anderson

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