Leading Cannabis Industry Website MarijuanaBreak Announces Name Change to WayofLeaf.com

NEW YORK, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cannabis industry giant MarijuanaBreak.com has announced it has changed its name to WayofLeaf.com. The website, which offers medically-reviewed information and video content on hundreds of cannabis-related topics, announces the change in the face of an evolving cannabis-using demographic.

"The reality is that these days, cannabis encompasses so much more than recreational use," says site Medical Director Dr. Lynn Marie Morski. "The cannabis-using demographic that we're seeing now is such a far cry from the typecasted demographic of past generations."

Indeed, while cannabis use is still most prevalent among individuals between the ages of 18-29, research shows that the number of users over the age of 65 has more than doubled in recent years.

"People are always going to be using cannabis to get high, there's no denying that," says Dr. Morski. "But now you've got countless millions of people out there interested in cannabis for entirely different purposes - health and therapeutic purposes - with little interest in the plant's intoxicating effects. Cannabis really has become a way of life for millions, so we feel the 'WayofLeaf' name reflects the contemporary cannabis-using populace much more accurately."

In recent years, MarijuanaBreak (now WayofLeaf) has invested huge amounts of resources into its health and medical content, and is one of the few outlets in the industry to offer reliable doctor-reviewed information on the use of cannabis and CBD. However, the site will continue to publish its industry-leading product guides and expert reviews, as well as state-by-state medical marijuana guides and information on cannabis cultivation.

"The simple and underlying philosophy behind the WayofLeaf name change," Dr. Morski says, "is that cannabis really is more than a leaf - it's a way of life."

For more information on the topic or to browse the site's wealth of cannabis-related topics, visit www.wayofleaf.com.

Contact: info@wayofleaf.com

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