Copper Hill Development Announces FIVE Step Comprehensive Plan to Guide Office Return

NEW YORK, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As we look forward to returning to the office, Copper Hill Development, a leading commercial real estate project management firm has worked with industry experts to develop a holistic approach that provides the resources and confidence needed to ensure a safe and organized return. Realizing there is no one size fits all solution, Copper Hill has outlined the five components to be considered in re-opening the offices, each of which is customized on a client by client basis.

"Companies need to stand out, not stand still, as they reimagine their office experience, because the office is not going away," said James S, Principal of Copper Hill Development. "Copper Hill is the go-to resource many large corporate tenants rely upon to optimize their office re-entry plans and centralize their sourcing strategies. We've outlined five critical considerations for stakeholders to support their planning and decision making. Topping the list is preserving the brand identity that office spaces foster because its crucial to culture and engagement."

According to a recent Harris Poll, one-quarter (24%) will work as soon as allowed for a few days a week, while the same number (24%) will wait until they feel safer. As companies move into re-entry mode, Copper Hill is a dependable resource for the transition back into the office. This transition period will likely not be linear, therefore solutions must be flexible and adaptable to ensure each employee feels comfortable.

Copper Hill's Five Step Plan to a Successful Office Return

    --  Brand Identity & Company Culture: Get creative with the visual promotion
        of safety, the way you design and promote these measures will preserve
        the quality of the physical office experience
    --  Quality & Cost Management: Create budgets for each phase of return.
        Centralizing your purchasing ensures you are receiving marketplace
    --  Maximize Space Utilization: Understand how employees like to use the
        space and create solutions that maximize space utilization in key areas
    --  Resilient and Adaptive, Tiered Return: Creating a tiered plan that
        creates a safe, but adaptable return to the office.
    --  Follow Through: Evaluate how the solutions put in place are working and
        adjust as needed.

The average person spends one-third of their life at work. That's more time than they spend on any other single activity, including checking their phone. Although most have been successful working remote, the benefits of live interaction amongst employees drives innovation. Copper Hill understands how employees like to interact with buildings, and is integral to providing successful re-entry plans no matter what industry you are operating in.

"Office buildings remain unique destination and competitive differentiator for the employee experience, to motivate and inspire productivity, innovation and collaboration. As we begin to return to the workplace, it is extremely important that when we open the doors, we are inviting everyone into a safe environment," said James S, Copper Hill. "Copper Hill's project management services is the one-stop shop and subject matter expert to ensure your re-entry plans will build employee confidence in returning to their offices, support their health and create environments that still inspire them to continue to do their best work."

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Copper Hill Development Inc is an client's representative firm providing project, cost and bespoke construction management services to clients nationally. We connect the goals of our clients, along with our passionate, process-based approach designed to ensure a successful work environment for our clients.

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