Security Automation Made Easier with Ansible Counselor

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MindPoint Group, a leader in cybersecurity services that helps government organizations and businesses identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, and manage risk, announced the launch of their newest product, Ansible Counselor.

Ansible Counselor enables customers to accelerate Ansible adoption, delivering the faster business value of automation. Additionally, Ansible Counselor reduces enterprise automation risk through extensive hands-on coaching, best-practice guidance, secure automation development pipelines, and more.

By providing customers with on-demand access to Ansible automation experts, these specialists are available to help customers in several critical areas to accelerate adoption:

    --  Assist with automation code reviews
    --  Author and support custom automations for a customer's environment
    --  Troubleshoot automation issues
    --  Assist and train staff through hands-on automation activities

Ansible Counselor comes from the product team at MindPoint Group, made up of original Ansible, Inc. leaders that also transitioned to Red Hat after Ansible, Inc. was acquired in 2015. With Ansible as the world's leading automation platform, this team is no stranger to supporting customers working to adopt automation. They've enabled and supported thousands of customers, bringing a wealth of automation knowledge.

In addition to on-demand access to Ansible automation experts and custom supported automations, customers will also gain access to the full library of MindPoint Group Lockdown Enterprise content. Lockdown Enterprise enables customers to automate, validate, and remediate STIG and CIS system configuration compliance using Ansible.

"Much like any enterprise tool, Ansible requires effective implementation to provide maximum business benefits," said Justin Nemmers, former GM of Ansible at Red Hat, and current Director at MindPoint Group. "Often, customers look at a mix of professional services and training for deployment assistance, but the challenge is that many users don't require a full-time resource or have a well-defined project suitable for engaging a consulting firm. They need a helping hand, someone that will answer the difficult questions, and amplify their education, capabilities, and effectiveness. Ansible Counselor is that resource."

With automation skills in high demand, customers can also help to eliminate skills gaps to successfully implement and scale IT projects for a fraction of the cost--while freeing up cycles to focus on value-added tasks. Overall, Ansible Counselor significantly reduces automation risk while providing planning and strategy assistance that customers previously could not access without an expensive and lengthy traditional consulting agreement.

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